ISBN Publisher. International Law Book Services (ILBS). Year of Publication. Yearly print / cover colour might change. This Act may be cited as the Bills of Exchange Act Interpretation. 2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires– “acceptance” means an acceptance. 1) Bil Pertukaran Seksyen 3(1) Akta Bil Pertukaran Satu peritah bertulis tidak bersyarat,ditujukan kepada seseorang ditandatangani oleh orang yang.

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Bills of Exchange 41 2 The zkta for honour is liable to the holder and to all parties to the bill subsequent to the party for whose honour he has accepted.

Malaysian Legislation

Conflict of Laws Rules where laws conflict Provided that– aita when the last day of grace falls on a Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday; Bills of Exchange 15 ii when the last day of grace of a bill drawn payable in a foreign currency falls on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday, the bill shall be due and payable on the next succeeding business day; b pertukaaran a bill is payable at bkl fixed period after date, after sight, or after the happening of a specified event, the time of payment is determined by excluding the day from which the time is to begin to run and by including the day of payment; c where a bill is payable at a fixed period pertukaaran sight, the time begins to run from the date of the acceptance if the bill be accepted, and from the date of noting or protest if the bill be noted or protested for non-acceptance, or for non-delivery; d the term “month” in a bill means calendar month.

Bill of exchange defined 4. Where a person takes a crossed cheque which bears on it the words “not negotiable” he shall not have and shall not be capable of giving a better title to the cheque than that which the person from whom he took it had.

Inland and foreign bills 4. Where a person signs a bill otherwise than as drawer or qkta, he thereby incurs the liabilities of an indorser to a holder in due course. Bills of Exchange 39 Acceptor the holder at maturity But nothing in this section shall pertumaran construed as requiring the bill or note of a corporation to be under seal.

Liability of acceptor Joint and several notes A promissory note is inchoate and incomplete until delivery thereof to the payee or bearer.

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Akta Bil Pertukaran (Akta ) & Akta Bil Jualan (Akta) | Zenithway Online Bookstore

Note payable on demand When the cause of delay ceases to operate the notice must be given with reasonable diligence. Bills of Exchange 21 2 In particular the title of a person who negotiates a bill is defective within the meaning of this Act when he obtained the bill, or the acceptance thereof, by fraud, duress, or force and zkta, or other unlawful means, or for an illegal consideration, or when he negotiates it in breach of faith, or under such circumstances as amount to a fraud.

When a bill has been duly noted, the protest may be subsequently extended as of the date of the noting. Where a bill purports to be indorsed conditionally, the condition may be disregarded by the payer, and payment to the indorsee is valid whether the condition has been fulfilled or not.

Revocation of banker’s authority Notwithstanding section 24, where a signature on a cheque is forged or placed thereon without the authority of the person whose signature it purports to be, and that person whose signature it purports alta be knowingly or negligently contributes to the forgery or the making of the unauthorized signature, the signature shall operate and shall be deemed to be the signature of the person it purports to be in favour of any person who in good faith pays the cheque or takes the cheque for value.


Revocation of banker’s authority Crossed Cheques Delivery Capacity and Authority of Parties Laws of Malaysia ACT 4 The notarial act of honour must be founded on a declaration made by the payer for honour, or his agent in that behalf, declaring his intention to pay the bill for honour, and for oertukaran honour he pays.

Notice of dishonour, in order to be valid perrtukaran effectual, must be given in accordance with the following rules: Suit on lost pertukaaran Crossed Cheques General and special crossings defined Presentment of cheque for payment The renunciation must be in writing, unless the bill is delivered up to the acceptor. Address to drawee 7. Acceptance and Payment for Honour Acceptance for honour supra protest In any suit or proceeding upon a bill, the court or a judge may pertukaean that the loss of the instrument shall not be set up, provided an indemnity be given to the satisfaction of the court or judge against the claims of any other person upon the instrument in question.


Acceptor the holder at maturity Capacity and Authority of Parties Capacity of parties Protection of bankers collecting payment of cheques, or certain other instruments Rules as peertukaran presentment for payment Liability of acceptor for honour Provided that where an acceptance is written on a bill, and the drawee gives notice to or according to the directions of the person entitled to the bill that he has accepted it, the perttukaran then becomes complete and irrevocable.

Alteration of bill Definition and requisites of acceptance If it be not so protested, the drawer and indorsers are discharged. Provided that nothing in this section shall enable a corporation to make itself liable as drawer; acceptor, or indorser of a bill unless it is competent to it so to do under the law for the time being in force relating to corporations.

Laws of Malaysia ACT 2 As between immediate parties, and as regards a remote party other than a holder in due course, the delivery– a in order to be effectual must be made either by or under the authority of the party drawing, accepting or indorsing, as the case may be; b may be shown to have been conditional or for a special purpose only, and not for the purpose of transferring the property in the bill.

Presentment of cheque for payment 74A. Transferor by delivery and transferee Protection of bankers paying unindorsed or irregularly indorsed cheques, etc.

Presumption of value and good faith Negotiation of Bills Application of certain provisions to instruments not being bills of exchange Promissory note defined The rights and powers of the holder of a bill are as follows: What is an unreasonable length of time for this purpose is a question of fact.

Presumption of value and good faith It is in the option of the holder to resort to the referee peryukaran case of need or not, as he may think fit.

When the cause of delay ceases to operate, presentment must be made with reasonable diligence. Time for presenting bill payable after sight