Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; they are drawn from the artificer infusion 1—1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells, page 8 of the Player’s Handbook). e Artificer Handbook. A Player’s Guide to Roles in the Party (e Optimized Character Build) · Ability Build) ·. Fighters’ Handbook By Dictum Mortuum (e. Artificer Handbook. My Top 5 Classes In D&D Edition and Pathfinder. Artificer (and Erudite(Spell. In this guide we provide players with a walk through of.

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It will also give you the option of making lower powered constructs to take the place of the Shield Guardian at lower levels, namely Effigies. As soon as you are a high enough level to take Craft Construct, and can afford to build a Shield Guardian, do so.

The Unofficial Artificer Handbook

The only OP thing you can do with 4th level spells or lower is planar binding or free Persistent Spell. Feather token CL 12, 50 to Chances are, he’ll never notice it was gone.

However, the Artificer has some abilities, namely certain Infusions we’ll get to that later that allow it to do some particularly nasty damage in combat. There’s many benefits to this spell, but of special interest for Warforged artificers they can change into a warforged charger with 2 slam attacks. Perfect for more martially oriented Artificers, or those that tend to get picked on by the monsters for all the Scorching Rays you’re firing off from your wands.

It will be your main weapon for most of the lower levels, tearing through foes thanks to the Bane infusion you should be using on it every chance you get, and still remaining quite lethal even at higher levels.

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

You can even use the Spare hand from the Magic of Eberron book to hold the weapon. Unlike the Meleeficer however, the Archerficer cannot afford to be slowed down by heavy armor and weapons. At higher levels, look into spells such as Divine Might, and the Mass versions of the normal buff spells so that you can buff the entire team in one casting. In order to thoroughly educate new players about the true horrifying power of OPness that is artificers, I am making this handbook.


On the other hand, the Artificer is exceptionally adept at giving himself the highest ACs around via their infusions covered shortlyand the additional stackable AC from a shield can be the difference between your Meleeficer being simply hard to hit, and being outright unhittable. In addition to repairing a WF, armorsmithing lets you make armor for yourself and your party, and there is a useful homunculus that requires Sculpting, so you should keep that in mind. Paladins and rangers are considered half their caster lvl, so for lvl 1 spells in their list they win out if its a level 2 in someone else’s, like the first spell.

I need others to keep me in line. However, the Mark of Finding will grant you a free Identify spell per day, which is always useful, and the Mark of Healing will artifiecr you be a much more effective healer for the party. The quintessential artifider used when describing how cool Weapon Augmentation, Personal is.

Plus, anyone with the spell stored in the schema can use the schema, so its actually an infinite scroll that the other spellcasters in your party can use without fuss or muss.

It is relatively rare that a Meleeficer will ever need to worry about activating a wand in the middle of combat, and outside of combat he can simply keep rolling his checks until the wand activates.

If you think of a combo, please share! Personal weapon augmentation with bane or shocking infusion is great, but so is spell storing infusion.


It’s basically a Bane against any arcane caster. Yes, that k Item really does take handgook to make! Takes a little longer for others though. It’s a six step system that can be taken as much or little as the GM likes but it’s useful to have. If you find that you need something, then simply make it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

This will make some encounters very short. This infusion let’s you change damage types as needed. Thus, a 3rd-level artificer can make a scroll of fireball, since the minimum caster level for fireball is 5th.

Artificer Handbook

Obviously the Artificer gets most of the Craft feats for free as class abilities, but they have other useful abilities as well. Recommended Gear Heavy armor, preferably Full Plate, a high damage weapon, and a large shield aftificer the base of your equipment needs.

If you are patient, the Artificer will get vitually all of the creation feats for free as class abilities.

Any negative level gained by the wielder in this fashion lasts for 1 hour. Otherwise, the Wand Bracer or a Bracelet of Wands are also good investments. Probably two of the best battlefield controll spells at low levels. He must have jandbook appropriate item creation handbool for the spell completion item he is using.

The War domain gets you pretty much any weapon proficiency you want that is used by any of the sovereign host godsbut the Magic domain is what is key.