While Cisco’s official blueprint for v5 is now more detailed that it has ever been in the past, it still Our CCIE RSv5 Expanded Blueprint is meant to be used as a checklist that you can use as you .. IPv6 RS & RA Redundancy. This CCIE Routing & Switching Written v course is specifically designed for covered in the CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam version blueprint. Cisco Live in Orlando is just starting and everybody that has something to say about the CCIE R&S lab exam is speculating about the next.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Instead of taking notes while I read, I created flash cards. Blue;rint insight on the mindset you took in and out of the written exam.

I can understand and appreciate that approach. Network Heresy Tales of the network reformation. Until you take the exam, you have no real idea of how deep the topic coverage is, which very much clouded my initial study preparations as I tried to shoot for the moon.

Pass the knowledge on to others. Inspiring indeed, you have really hit a nerve and I am going for it. July 9, at You are commenting using your Twitter account.

There is one thing that the CCIE Lab exam will do and that is to find your weaknesses, if you have none then you will be fine. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. Has it made me a better engineer? Hi, I read most of your post over on reddit and noticed that you used flash cards to help you tremendously in passing the written exam.


CCIE R&S v5 blueprint announcement?

It must be the network There is a lot of forums with a lot of folks that are saying this change will disrupt their learning r&e. There is no interactive device access necessary f5 this section; instead candidates will be reading emails, ticket updates, examining diagrams, or even analyzing packet captures to diagnose an issue. Your email address will not be published. Congratulations and thanks for sharing and inspiring others on your journey.

I think rapid troubleshooting is a hallmark skill of CCIEs, and the pressure in this section is truly intense, forcing you to be incredibly focused and skillful in the act of troubleshooting. Best wishes on our continued progress.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are questions on the exam, which means the single exam cannot cover ccoe of the topics. I can honestly say there were a few questions on the real exam that I was able to answer because the Boson practice questions introduced me to the specific topic. To explain the title of this post the method I chose to pass the CCIE blueprinr not best practice and it took me quite a few attempts across 2 versions which ended up costing me a lot both financially and sacrificing time with my family.

Definitions at the end of the chapters of the books you stated you read? Notify me of new posts by email.

I this way you can only hope to get 6 routers topology. Overall, I feel this is a better mix.

CCIE R&S v5 blueprint announcement?

Key terms that were in the blueprint? My question is exactly how and what did you make flash cards on?


Overall though, I really believe had I not purchased the Boson practice exam, I would not have passed the real exam today. December 4, at The bluepriny mistake I made early on was straying too far from the blueprint.

Today I Passed the CCIE R&S v5.1 Written Exam

Kirk Byer created a python script netmiko to connect to Cisco and networking devices. With a large question pool, probably constantly-changing content, and high value riding on the section, Bluelrint am convinced this is for the same purpose as the OEQs were: Roger please guide us.

Yes, the lab exam is a mandatory part of the CCIE certification. When they throw a Cisco guy to do something with HP networking gear. Tom Hollingsworth later followed up and mentioned opportunities for improvement.

Time Money An understanding family Time: Since failing any one section means failing the lab, Blusprint can see blufprint appeal of being able to take just a couple extra minutes to finish a ticket that you know you would fail the section without.

How not to Pass the CCIE LAB Exam – Routing & Switching V5

Ronnie Angello Network Architect. I was back on track. I am going to take a few weeks of study and then I need to pick up on some other blue;rint certs that I need to pickup mainly around F5, Riverbed and SDN I am also going to start learning Python.