Sep 10, To create a simple border, use the cfimage tag. . by changing its dimensions, enforce uniform sizes on images, and create thumbnail images. cfimage. Creates a ColdFusion image that can be manipulated by using image functions. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation. cfimage source=”#myImage#” action=”write” destination=”” overwrite=”yes”> thumbnail image.

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If fixed, that would be a new feature.

image – Creating Thumbnails with CFImage Aborting Because of Server Load? – Stack Overflow

New width of the ColdFusion image. To fit an image in a defined rectangular area, specify the width and height of the rectangle, as the following example shows:.

Create a drawing image in ColdFusion and use it as a watermark. You can use the cfimage tag independently or in conjunction with image functions. Each algorithm balances image quality against performance: I’ve tried it with even just one resize and no converts and it still fails.

I wasn’t able to run the same tests on the same CF9 server because it doesn’t have CF10 installed, but I ran the comparison scripts on my CFDev 64bit Windows workstation. I tested it with just the resize and it died; so it wasn’t the convert. In the following example, 20 pixels from the outside edge of the source image are tiled to create the border:. In the previous examples, tbumbnail text is displayed in the default system font and font size.


Converting transparent images images with alpha can degrade image quality. Want to validate the html in this page? Use capital letters for better readability. Thumbnil following example shows how to set the thickness and color of a border:. The following example resizes the image so that the htumbnail is exactly pixels and the height of the image is proportional to the width: The following example resizes the image so that the width is exactly pixels and the height of the image is proportional to thubmnail width:.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Also I would be good idea to ask the host support what exactly this error message means. The following example creates a ColdFusion image with a 5-pixel blue border:. Still, thanks for offering your details of how there are still some challenges.

ColdFusion Help | Creating ColdFusion images

Valid HTML named colors. The height value is blank. But if you or anyone who experienced the issue before might want to test it, perhaps you will find things have improved.

This technique is useful if you want to create several versions of the same image. Specifies whether the source is a Base64 string or not.


Increasing the blur factor reduces performance. Similarly, the color green applies to the rectangle and the square, while the color red applies only to the two lines. And I see now where the “commercial” discussion came from. You can specify both. To resize an image by one dimension for example, heightspecify the height and leave width value blank “”.


I think that this is probably their default error message. That would break backward compatibility for code that intentionally relies on the default being highestquality. My CF8 install was taking over 2 minutes to resize a simple 70k photo.

The following table describes the algorithms and cfimmage named equivalents based on average test results: Charlie Arehart’s Server Troubleshooting Blog. Post as a guest Name.

Manipulating ColdFusion images

Then you can create several clones and thumbnaip them in memory before writing them to files. But really, you ought to read the rest of this entry to understand what’s being proposed. There are pros and cons to such configurability, though, so I appreciate the challenge Adobe would have addressing this problem. Can you perhaps offer a link to the image you’re working with, so that Adobe or others can recreate your test case?

Drawing lines and shapes ColdFusion provides several functions for drawing lines and shapes. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is thumbnaill to these policies.

Are you having slow ColdFusion pages and wondering what may be the cause?