Thank you for your purchase of the Cushcraft X9 Tribander. plan to install the 40 meter add-on kit, please read the X manual before you assemble the X9. Here is a view of the Cushcraft X9 Balun. The antennas had been up for a few years with out any issues. The last year or two, I have not been very active on the . What’s the best antenna? KLM KT34XA or Cushcraft X7 or X9 model? Tks in advance 73 Lopes – PY2SM mailto:jl @ ICQ:

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I’ve worked quite a few since I purchased the beam and I get good reports from all! Reviews Summary for Cushcraft X I decided to install W0IYH baluns. I then took apart the balun. Nothing was missing and some extra nuts, bolts and clamps are provided.

Anyone wanting to hear my signal on any HF band. I get a real good swr on the bands the antenna is designed for Information on my Radios. It blows the tailtwister away! Compare her with the original Cushcraft x7 antenna ccushcraft. I was in a hurry cushcrqft get it up because of an upcoming Dxpedition. The centre piece had to be reinforced on the inside to support the weight. I can even load it up on 40M with a tuner in a pinch. RigBlaster Pro for digital modes, voice keying and CW operation.


X9 Balun whne we took down the beam What we found when I took the cover off!! This is what I enjoy doing in Ham radio. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. I have gotten a lot of emails asking for the spacings for the X My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

Cushcraft X9 Baluns

After the above discovery, I did a bit of homework. I bring my antenna array to the ground level a few times a year to do preventitive maintenance on them. The first thing that I noticed was the noise. Two networked computers for logging and operating software.

I would have liked to put up that at my Qth but not enough space to get that size up Contact the site with comments or questions. Bottom line — the X9 is an excellent choice.

Cushcraft X9 Baluns

Here is a great overview of the X7 antenna by E73MClick on photo to go to his site. Towering ‘ above the ground, our station is equipped with numerous antennas customized for specific modes: That was taking my time and double checking everything! The last year or two, I have not been very active on the air. X9 Balun whne we took down the beam. The noise on the antennas have been reduced from casual observation.


I will try to add more links and information.

Here the boom from both antennas are combined I really would have liked to buy the size that would fit into 1in aluminium tubing but just went along with some homebrew tubes What we found when I took the cover off!! It’s mounted on a HBX Rohn tower.

The ferrite that was from the inside of the balun. Send Your Comments or just say Hi!!!

Cushcraft X9 + X

OverView of the X7. This is the connecting of the driven elements using flat aluminium and also seen is the matching system used.

The when it changed to a dipole, I backed out on the order. I had originally ordered the 40M add on as it was planned to be a two element design.

Here are some pictures!