Buy The Theory Of Poker Deutschsprachige Ausgabe: Ein Klassiker der Pokerliteratur by David Sklansky, Stephan M. Kalhamer (ISBN: ) from. The Theory of Poker. Ву. David Sklansky. A product of Two Plus Two Publishing. FOURTH EDITION. SIXTH PRINTING. October Printing and Binding. The Theory of Poker By David Sklansky. Views. 6 years Decide to Play Great Poker: A Strategy Guide to No-Limit Texas

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4 Great Poker Books Every Beginner Should Read

This includes hands like A9 and KT, and you’ll reraise with them providing that your reraise will almost always get you heads-up. Find Threads Started by dhk No one has yet entered the pot.

Much of the terminology used in this book may throw newcomers for a loop, but is priceless to the seasoned poker player. Kismet rated it did not like it Oct 31, Regina Niland rated it did not like it Jul 08, I have had intersting flops where I flop an open ended straight draw but there are 2 cards of the same suit on the flop as well. Jon 3, 9 If you do, you should see most of these hands to the end unless it ‘comes down real bad'” [] One not of caution is in tournaments where the same player can play like a maniac until comfortable with his chip stack where he may shift gears and tighten up considerably.

What poker is fundamentally all about is knowing which opponent does which, then choosing the action that has the highest EV.

Top 10 poker books 1: It offers an array of concepts that will separate the pros from the amateurs. Someone bluffs the river with ace high, I have 3rd pair.

This is not a gambling website. Not daviv to hold-em, but a must have for every poker player. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Send a private message to gassman. A very thick book with tons of info that really reflects the complexity of no limit holdem. Although I’m sure Sklansky will assume all the credit, the book was written almost entirely by Miller.


To do otherwise is the classic ‘weak player’ mistake, pokrr it is the easiest poier to tell if an opponent does not understand the game as well as he should. It is now a new century, and the authors have again moved the state of the art forward by adding over pages of new material, including an extensive section on “loose” games, and an extensive section on “short-handed” games.

Classic Books for Texas Hold’Em – Poker Stack Exchange

Send a private message to PokerMaineiac. The turn is the 5 Joe checks again, and Frank goes allin for a potsized bet.

Robert Pence rated it did not like it Mar 04, It is not for beginner players, you must have a good knowledge of the theory of texas hold’em. Paperbackpages. In this particular circumstance, the correct decision is almost certainly to fold. Find Threads Started by Mason Malmuth.

I play both and more. David Sklansky’s Theory of Poker Review. The time now is Wyatt Earp, the man who believed he would never lose: Small Stakes Hold’em by Ed Miller and David Sklansky – it’s a book based on limit, but the theory can be applied to no limit just as easily.

Hold’em’s Odd s Book Author: I think the first quote in op is definitely flawed reasoning, and over simplistic! Every time I read it, I pick up something new that I had never fully considered before. She calls, and everyone folds to the big blind who checks. Or do you want sklwnsky know what the best books are?

David Sklansky

And third, think about what your opponent thinks you think he has. It doesn’t mean that’s what you should have done in the situation, it’s simply a way to understand how money flows between players. I love this book on so many levels. If the flush player gets his card and you get your straight card then you could be in big trouble if you don’t recognize that your hand is beat.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. So what hands should you play?

The Theory Of Poker. However, if it is just you and one opponent head-up then you have to make adjustments such as taking the sole responsibility of protecting your blinds. I’ll buy the first copy!

Flaw in the Fundamental Theorem of Poker ? – Poker Theory – General Poker Theory Forum

Super System 2 Author: Chris Ferguson is the new breed of player who uses math calculations, game theory and Internet resources to gain an edge over old-style, instinctive gamblers Some people call with ace sklasnky, some people fold, some people raise. One of the most useful topics of the book is the REM process, which explains the importance of Range, Equity Please dont use it and expect to find the truth about anything.

Brunson’s writing may have a lot to be desired, but the stuff from many of the other authors is pretty darn good. Unlike Joe in the last example, he knows the odds of making your hand. Aside from this there are other strategical considerations – is it a cash game or gheory tournament, is it heads up etc, all of poke things need to be evaluated. Poker is about deducting your opponent’s range and his betting patterns and playing accordingly.