The Diary of a Nobody, by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith; 4th This fictitious diary details fifteen months in the life of Mr. Charles Pooter. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Diary of a Nobody is a comic masterpiece which has been hugely influential since its first publication in This edition features Weedon Grossmith’s.

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The Diary of a Nobody – Wikipedia

The social historian James Hammerton defines “Pooterism” as “the dependent weakness and inflated social pretension of white-collar workers, constructed in the workplace but expressed just as powerfully at home”. Priestleywas extolling it as an exemplar of English humour ; Jerome K. December 21, Delightfull and amusing read, love the satirical portrayel of the characters.

If you get that it is still relevant gorssmith very amusing to read. He died in Wikimedia Commons has media related to Diary of a Nobody. They have friends who pop in for visits without notice. Admittedly modern readers may not find it as funny as when it was first published in Punch in the late 19th century, as the context and detail of Victorian middle-class values that it parodies are no longer an immediately understood reference point and tastes in, as well as expectations of, humour have moved on.

John Betjeman, [51]. I’d had this for a while and thought it would make good paired reading with Three Men on a Boatas they’re both considered classics of British humor of about the same era.


He became the most successful comic entertainer of his day, [4] writing numerous operettas, around piano sketches, some songs and short piano pieces, and three books. The Review ‘ s critic thought the book “admirable, and in some of its touches [it] goes close to genius”, with a natural and irresistible appeal: I thought we should never stop laughing. Waugh grossmifh The Diary of a Nobody “. It questioned the tastefulness of jokes aimed almost exclusively at the poverty of underpaid city clerks, and concluded: The Diary of a Nobody.

The Diary of a Nobody

Jul 26, Tenzin rated it it was amazing. Cover of hrossmith first book edition. Wikipedia articleCommons category. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online ed.

It seems to me that it is harder to laugh at it nowadays, as we all indulge in the illusion of visibility to different degrees today. Tony Joseph calls the Diary “a sharp analysis of social insecurity”.

Quotes from The Diary of a No He is a clerk of a somewhat stuffy and pompous nature but with a love of bad puns and jokes luckily for him his wife shares his sense of humor!

It’s funny in a sort of strained way, involving a middle-class gentleman, Mr. The Diary of a Nobody”.

It’s a fairly quick read, and it’s not heavy at all. I generally think that one measure of great art and I count literature as art is that you get something different from it each time. Trivia Nobldy The Diary of a No The small minded but essentially decent suburban world he inhabits dkary b Weedon Grossmith’s book presents the details of English suburban life through the anxious and accident-prone character of Charles Pooter. Not stodgy at all.


The Punch serialisation attracted little critical comment; The Athenaeum ‘ s literary critic thought the series “may have escaped unnoticed amid better jokes”. I mean, he roars at them, and often the others around him do as well. A diary format allowed the Grossmith’s to have a series of comic view spoiler [ I use the term lightly – comic at least in their opinion, the reader will make up their own mind hide spoiler ] incidents without the inconvenience of a plot, although there are some long running story lines that are tied up by the end of the book.

I realised that would probably be a mistake. However, in Pooter’s eyes the situation is redeemed when Mr Perkupp offers Lupin a clerkship. He pays homage to his employer, appreciates his modest home, and is satisfied with his occasional chance to rub shoulders with ggeorge upper class at the Lord Mayors Ball.

The edition proved immediately popular with the reading public, and was followed by numerous reprintings. By using this site, you agree jobody the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.