The wifi login username password for Ericsson W 3G Router Ericsson W35 uses HSUPA technology, providing reliable high speed Internet access (data rate: transmission – up to Mbit/s, reception – up to Outstanding. The Ericsson –W30/35 – is the natural choice for providing fixed services to residential users, small office or home office businesses. It offers a.

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Drops Internet signal times a day.

If you see this screen, then congratulations, you are now logged in fricsson your Ercsson W Two years ago bought the Ericsson TurboHub and had store sign statement “Weekend money back guarantee if not satisfied. Don’t know where you can find these? Very pleased with NetGear 2nd year now. Now that you’ve reset the Ericsson W35 router you’ll need to log into it.

However having read all the other people’s bad reviews I’m not optimistic! We have a large list of Ericsson Passwords that you can try located here. I have worked as a virtual agent for a major telecommunications company and no customer was ever inconvenienced due to internet connectivity. Keep in mind that this password will only protect your router settings, not your wireless network settings.

There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address:. This is accomplished by using the factory default username and password. Bought them a cell phone but mother can’t work the cell.

Magnetic Phone Mounts Car Chargers. Ericsson W35 IP Addresses This causes a lot of understandable confusion. Things you must consider first are: Ericsson W35 Usernames Ericsson W35 Passwords blank user Enter your username and password in the dialog box that pops up. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: You are now ready to follow one of our other guides.

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Ericsson W35 Mobile Broadband Router, YesG Router, HSUPA Router, 3G Router

Be the first to review this product. How to Reset the Ericsson W35 On this page I will be showing you how to reset the Ericsson W35 router back to the original factory defaults. Quebec now has a law aganst huge penalties.

Store gave me a hellova time: Call your ISP for the details. Configuration of the W35 is using an inbuilt web q35 based interface. We also have hub wireless phone which goes out a few times a day. Rogers w355 not have it; Bell did. We have a guide for you if you’re interested. Units are near new, packaging and parts maybe used, still come with 12 month warranty and ercsson tested.

If the defaults aren’t logging you in it might be because the reset button wasn’t held down for long enough.

Now that you have your router’s Internal IP Address we are ready to login to it. Data access for multiple users is via an inbuilt four erjcsson router or WiFi.

Yachting: Ericsson W35 – Voice for PBX + 3G Mobile Broadband Router

When I use the term reset I am referring to a complete factory restore of all settings. For more help be sure to visit our Choosing a Strong Password Guide.


Welcome visitor, you can Log In Register. Email to a Friend. On this page I will be showing you how to reset the Ericsson W35 router back to the original factory defaults. You should try other Ericsson passwords. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard. In this guide when I use the term reboot I am referring to a cycle in the power to the ericxson, nothing more. Or you can q35 our free software called Router IP Address. This is normally done if you are unable to login to the Ericsson W35 to make changes.

Ericsson W35 Unlocked| Ericsson W35 Reviews & specs|Buy Ericsson W35 3G Router

Said I was locked into a 3yr contact. Reset the Ericsson W35 Do you know where the reset button is located? The Internet name and password are also reverted back to how they were when they left the factory.

BellErcssonRogers. I have the W35 and have never had a disconnect, overheat, or issues with speed. The Ericsson W35 has a web interface for configuration.

Don’t understand folks’ problems unless they are nowhere near a communcation tower. While the router is on, take the tip of a pen and press down on the reset button until the Standby button starts to flash. It looks like this:. A lot of router manufacturers and guide writers use the term reset to refer both to a reset and a reboot.