ELATERIDAE DE ARGENTINA especies presentes en Argentina de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from Argentina) adaptado de. ELATERIDAE DE BRASIL especies presentes en Brasil de la familia Elateridae ( Elateridae species from Brasil) J.E. Barriga-Tuñón, nov ELATERIDAE DE MÉXICO especies presentes en México de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from México) según: P.J. Johnson, March.

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Zapata de la Vega, J. It was named as Elater homalisinus by Illiger from a specimen from Portugal, but in Jacquelin du Val considered it as a monospecific genus.

Support Center Support Center. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Elatèrids – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Boletin de la Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa46, 23— Groppali Riccardo planned the field work. The Temperate Oceanic Submediterranean bioclimate is the prevailing climate type in the mountainous area. In the case of Mt. We would thank K. Lesima have open flowers, but they differ in colour, presence of short tube and reward accessibility: Paolo Biella ; individualCount: Our survey detected it on a flowered grassland of ha. Arthropod fauna of the UAE1, — Six others species inhabit either grasslands familiia clearings; also in this cases the usage of flowering plants resources is possible.


Elatéridos – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie51 4— Despite little available information, our observations on the ecology of Campylomorphus homalisinus suggest that clearings and grasslands ramilia inhabited by the species, without excluding the presence in forests.

We warmly thank Dr. The mammal fauna of Italy: Please review our privacy policy. Caucasian Entomological Bulletin9 2 — Lombardy, Pavia province ; verbatimLocality: TurkeyRoznerathous hellenicus sp.

How to cite item. Author contributions Biella Paolo and Groppali Riccardo conceived of this paper and drafted the manuscript. Morphology and Systematics Elateroidea, Bostrichiformia, Cucujiformia partim. This may be a reason why Campylomorphus homalisinus could not establish a continuous area after ice-sheet elateridas, having only taken refuge in the Mediterranean area.

OmanDicronychus kandaharensis sp.


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rheinischer Koleopterologen, Bonn, Germany. During the Pleistocene era, ice-sheets extended their surface covering Central Europe several times.

In the Iberian Peninsula, such range is extended towards lower elaateridae Email this article Login required. Its larval stages and habits remain unknown Platia Campylomorphus homalisinus is a rare orophilous species: The red star shows mt.


Interactions for pollination among coflowering shrubs. However, after the glaciers receded, the species failed to occupy its previous area. Contributo alla conoscenza degli insetti coleotteri della Provincia di Brescia: Chalcolepidius chalcantheus Candeze, Chalcolepidius limbatus Eschscholtz, Chalcolepidius zonatus Eschscholtz, Hemirriphus apicalis Candeze, Hemirriphus apicalis var.

Baselga and Novoa Campylomorphus homalisinus of the picture was collected foraging on flowers of Laserpitium siler Apiaceae. Paolo Biella conducted the surveys, led the expert-based rewiev and interpretated the data.