Soma Technology offers Used and refurbished GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine with large-panel displays are mounted on a movable arm with. agents and employees of GE Healthcare of other parties expressly licensed by GE. materials provided with the Aisys CS? for specifications, operating. DRE sources and refurbishes GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machines. These Datex-Ohmeda units are modular, upgradeable, and is a recent addition to.

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For more information, contact a DRE aiyss today. Just update the software to enhance the functionality of your system or add optional clinical decision support tools and information management systems.

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Specifications Physical Specifications Dimensions: Aisys CS 2 ‘s ICU-level ventilator can quickly achieve and maintain set pressures and volumes to maximize the time available for gas exchange. Supports horizontal and vertical mounting displays. Provides digital feedback on ventilation, drug levels, patient status, and fresh gas usage.

Read More Read Less. Combined with our clinical information systems, the Aisys Carestation helps you assess costs and improve efficiencies.

Aisys CS² | GE Healthcare

The ecoFLOW display option provides a graphical representation of oxygen flow and anesthetic agent use that can show you your preset target and calculate the cost of your agent consumed in real-time. Wide range of ventilation modes offered: Et Control can be used by any clinician familiar with the GE Healthcare anesthesia machine range.

CARESCAPE TM modular monitors can help you adapt to your patient’s needs, helping you improve patient flow, better manage staff workload, and deliver consistent quality care across the perioperative environment.


Simplicity and ease of use Et Control can be used by any aisye familiar with the GE Healthcare anesthesia machine range.

GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys

With an intuitive, user-friendly design, clinicians can easily set up and use the GE Aisys CS2 in a eg of care environments. For further peace of mind when in Et Control, the user can also select a total minimum fresh gas flow, to disallow total fresh gas flows lower than the minimum setting.

Intelligent inbuilt safeguards protect against over-delivery and under-delivery of agent and hypoxia — while providing the clinician with peace of mind and total control at all times.

Our most advanced Carestation, the Aisys Carestation performs like a vigilant partner, managing routine and critical perioperative tasks without tiring so you can: Financial and environmental costs of manual versus automated control of end-tidal gas concentrations Tay, Weinberg et al. Call us toll-free Follow us: Connect devices in a flexible, scalable, integrated system that provides fast access to clinical intelligence across your enterprise. There are currently no items in your cart.

Pressure Control Ventilation A pressure limited time-cycled mode of positive pressure ventilation characterized by a rapid rise to peak pressure. The Aisys Carestation is built on our industry-leading legacy of anesthesia delivery and patient monitoring technology. Features an illuminated workspace and inch color touchscreen.

With quick picks, flatter menus and tunnelling gf, Aisys CS 2 can help you to directly make adjustments like oxygen and flow settings with one touch.

This helps you ventilate the most difficult patients, from neonates to the lung compromised and the morbidly obese. PSV is patient triggered and flow cycled.

Barclay, Automated control of end-tidal inhalation anaesthetic gw using the GE Aisys Carestation.

Refurbished – GE Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Machine

EtC Publications Et Control: Helping in decreasing greenhouse emissions By helping clinicians reduce the waste of anaesthetic agent and fresh gas flow, Et Control may have a positive impact in the environment. Et Control can give higher total flows than the minimum flow setting typically in response to big changes to the EtO2 and EtAA target settings but it will never go below the minimum total flow setting.


And it’s here today. We have incorporated innovative features to help you provide the personalized care your patients deserve. Digital vaporization includes continuous monitoring by multiple embedded sensors to help ensure precise delivery. Barclay – BJA Apr; 4: Open Volume Control Ventilation Delivers the tidal volume you set, regardless of changes in the fresh gas flowcircuit compliance, airway pressure, up to the selected pressure limit.

The Aisys CS2 helps you deliver unmatched performance through patient-focused care. Individual locking front casters Pendant mounting interface optional Height from floor: Aisys CS 2 data output includes over parameters including data on settings, measurements, waveforms and alarms including but not limited to: Cost capture and improved efficiencies.

Shop All Surgical Lights. Intuitive user interface blends seamlessly into existing workflows. A pressure limited time-cycled mode of positive pressure ventilation characterized by a rapid rise to peak pressure.

Advanced Breathing system designed for low flow anesthesia: Improved data access – Acquisition and analysis algorithms-along with other clinical intelligence accessible right at the bedside-support informed decisions that can contribute to better clinical outcomes. Reconfigure quickly for patient acuity and type.