TPR stands for Total Physical Response and was created by Dr. James J Asher. It is based upon the way that children learn their mother. I am inserting some excellent information written by Dr. James , the originator of TPR. It will provide you with the basic concepts and philosophy of this. Most of the studies reported in this article were supported by a research contract from the Personnel and Training Branch of the Office of Naval Research.

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There are a number of specialized TPR teaching products available, including student kits developed by Asher and an interactive CD-ROM for students to practice with privately. Noted educator, Leslie Hart, calls “brain overload” a type of brain antagonistic instruction.

Asher, the originator of TPR.

Total physical response

Remember, the earlier we start internalizing other languages, the higher the chances of acquiring a near-native or even a native accent in each of those languages. For example, infants do not start life speaking their native language. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Asher saw that most of the interactions that young children experience with parents or other adults combine both verbal and physical aspects.

What is TPR – Updated: Immersion and Dual Language

James Asher developed the total physical response method as a result of his observation of the language development of young children. If there is jamea to Wernicke’s area, one can speak but has difficulty understanding what others are saying.

That can be accomplished with students of all ages including adults using concrete axher, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, and adverbs. For ideas on switching activities, see Ramiro Garcia’s Instructor’s Notebook: I understand what she is saying. Asher advises teachers to treat learners’ mistakes the same way a parent would treat their children’s. Class size need not be a problem, and it works effectively for children and adults.


Second Language Learning and Language Teaching. Way back inI demonstrated a powerful linguistic tool in a pioneer experiment using the Japanese language with my research associate, Dr.

Math education is even more challenging than foreign language education because, in the USA, we spend more on remedial mathematics than all other forms of math education combined. Teaching materials are not compulsory, and for the very first lessons they may not be used.

When the instructor in traditional classes asks students to “Listen and repeat after me!

A student asked this question on my e-mail. After puberty, students can still acquire another language but most all will have some accent even if they live for fifty years in another country where the language is jzmes.

Children are silent but respond to directions from caretakers and other children.

He is the recipient of many awards for excellence in teaching, including the highest academic honor of “Outstanding Professor” from San Jose State University, which has a faculty of 1, PhDs and 30, students.

Abstractions will come later, not necessarily by direct instruction but in the context of discourse. Best wishes for continued asyer, James J Asher, Ph. If “walk” does not mean to move forward, why did my body walk forward when the instructor said, “Walk.

How to do this successfully is not obvious to most instructors. For a detailed review of this research, see my book: They get excited because they actually understand everything the instructor is saying. The smaller the class size, the less one’s workload. Then use that understanding to switch to speaking, reading, and writing.

I do recommend, however, that five or ten minutes at the end of a session be open to curious students who prefer to ask questions about pronunciation or grammar. The motivation is for fewer students, not more.


Teachers jzmes use TPR typically use it together with a variety of other activities and techniques. This is a linguistic luxury that their parents living in the same country do not experience. To get a fast start, try these books: Mother tongue mirroring Sandwich technique Back-chaining Dictogloss Information gap. Do not underestimate the power of the concrete in acquiring another language. Language-body conversations As I have demonstrated in published experiments with children and adults learning Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese: There is another intriguing fact about the right side of the brain: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Asher He is the recipient of many awards for excellence in teaching, including the highest academic honor of “Outstanding Professor” from San Jose State University, which has a faculty of 1, PhDs and 30, students. If there is damage in Broca’s area, one may understand what people are ashrr but the person is unable to speak.

TPR Homework Order book here. His e-mail address is tprworld aol. The right brain can process information coming in on parallel tracks while the left brain is limited to one track. This creates a positive feedback loop between the parent’s speech and the child’s actions. At lightning velocity, the student’s brain processes information like this: Especially for students in elementary and middle school.

Learning Another Language Through Actions. Immersion and Dual Language”. It needs a special course along with hands-on experience monitored by a senior instructor who is also skilled ahser the intricate applications of TPR. Teaching on the Right Side of the Jqmes 2nd edition.