Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings). Home · Way of the Ninja L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more. L5R/Oriental Adventures: Way of the Ninja. Recently, during a gaming session, I came up with an Absolute Ontological Truth in gaming, which I now call the. Way of the Ninja – “Ninja are nothing more than peasant superstition and an Game Masters running the Second Edition L5R RPG will need a.

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A Deeper Look Spoiler warning: Ninja typically have a cover that they maintain during their off hours, and you would need to maintain that. Katas are special maneuvers similar to feats, but they require the expenditure of XP to learn vice XP feat slots. What I’m wondering is roleplay-wise, what should I expect if I do end up playing one?

Wayy of course it’s personal. As far as being a Rokugan book goes, I didn’t find the book to be nearly as interesting or engaging as Way of the Samuraiand the book is just as expensive.

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Submit a new text post. I have a friend running a game awy another friend and I, and we’re currently deciding what clan we want to be. Is it uninspired feats and prestige classes? Saturday, 10th July, The sixth chapter covers enemies of the ninja.

Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings) – PDF Free Download

Sometimes the rest of the group will understand that dishonorable stuff might be useful now, so the Scorpion does the Scorpion thing. If they’re pretending to be normal Scorpion samurai, they follow their role. Or is it something that really varies from ninja to ninja depending on their skill set?


Eventually, ninja started working for a variety of fo, and many clans use ninja-like espionage techniques that would never suffer being called “ninja. nlnja

Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings)

Here’s what I mean: The most important thing a spy can have is a cover. The book is dual-statted, featuring statistics for both the d20 version of the setting as dealt with in the Oriental Adventures and Rokugan Campaign Setting books, and the Legend of the Five Rings 2nd edition system. One new prestige class and many new feats are introduced in this chapter.

Absolutely no harassment, sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech, or anything in between will be tolerated. Keep discussion civil and do not make personal attacks or use offensive language in addressing others. The second chapter covers the Kolat, an organization in Rokugan which wishes to break the rule of humanity away from the kami. It’s very similar to asking what the Shosuro Actor does when they’re not being sneaky and dishonourable.

The third chapter covers the Goju. It is being unnoticed, and being aware.

Yes, he definitely overheard those people in a streetfood restaurant. Consider reading Dreams of Shadow from the new L5R fiction ninjaa Do they play at being courtiers?

A new system is introduced here similar to the taint system for recording shadow corruptionand a new prestige class is introduced, the Goju Stalker.


The fifth chapter introduces some ninja-like figures and organizations that serve the great clans. That being the case, the book is a little costly compared to other d20 system books with similar page counts. A few dojos are discussed.

Pretty much all you do is describe what’s in the book, and then give it a “3”, nijja that it’s expensive, and that it’s not “nearly as interesting or engaging as Way of the Samurai”. As such, their usage in a standard game is more gimmicky than anything, and tends to be difficult to work into any mixed group unless the group is what’s being infiltrated. Most of the time, I think this ninja school spends its non-Infiltratey time posing as farmers, laborers, tradesmen, merchants, ashigaru and even eta or courtesans geisha ninja are more likely to be Actors, IMO.

All user posts are expected to thr Reddiquette. In-game, each sect has a different purpose in striving towards the goal of the Kolat. The best way for a cover to hold is if it’s real.

How much of the book is used up on the other gaming system? This includes the leaves of the tree dojo, the open eye dojo, and the ,5r. I don’t understand your review. Also, the idea of dojos and katas are reintroduced for the d20 system; they were first introduced in Way of the Samurai.