Set number: ; Name: Mobile TV Studio; Also known as: Mobile Tv Studio; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Modern day; Theme: Town; Subtheme. Mobile TV Studio Item №: Pieces: 78 Minifigures: 1 Price: $ € Ages: 5 – 12 Released: This is one of the few LEGO sets that is TV-related . LEGO Instructions Set Number Mobile TV Studio – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions.

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Legoo you don’t have a big city yet, you could always pester your relatives by having your Lego man do in-depth reports on them. The driver even gets an actual seat; something not very common at the time if I’m not mistaken.

I really like this little set. Posted October 8, Every day, a hundred things happen in Lego City.

I can’t rate it perfect because of the minifig and the “flat front”, so I voted “above average”. A very nice little model. Already have an account?


Time for another trip down memory lane None of 661 links below have a price listing, but luckily the Dutch catalogue still featured prices. According to Peeron, there’s 71 pieces.

LEGO Town Mobile TV Studio (6661)

I remember it was one i wanted but never got many years ago. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Don’t really think so. Special for its time? My brother must’ve had that set A note on the price: While the next one was more complete with the news helicopter, it in no way detracts from this set.

Nice to see a review of this set. All thanks to the Mobile TV Studio!

Mobile TV Studio | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

I’ve taken it out for this review. It’s a perfect little design for the 4-wide classic era. Nice set and review That’s the kinf of sets the City theme still need. We start off with the camera.

LEGO Mobile TV Studio Set 6661 Instructions

Now, all inhabitants can be informed of the latest events, whether it’s a daring police chase, the opening of a new store, or the local soccer match. Ldgo from the minifig torso, there’s 4 printed parts. It’s a decent size car with few complex parts. In lsgo review, we’ll be looking at the little blue truck that provides all of Lego City with news. The big TV panels are pretty neat. This is then put in a large folder with all my other instructions.


There weren’t too many TV-themed sets, but they were all good. It will fit into any town and fit especially well into a classic town from the era.

Sure, it’s 6661 than just some striped sweater or a blank body, but would it really have hurt to give him a neat little TV jacket or something? Edited September 8, by Matt Dawson.

A nice little set that could be brought back and maybe even add a studio set. Peeron has a scan of it listing the original price.