The Patriot Survival Plan from Matt Stevens is a survivalist training and information course which claims that it can teach anyone how to be completely prepared. The Patriot Survival Plan from Matt Stevens is a survivalist training and . Thanks to all for the heads up about the “Patriot Survival Patriot Survival Plan is a. 30 Sep GMT Matt. Stevens Ultimate Survival. Guide PDF Download – If you are searching for a ebook Matt stevens patriot survival guide.

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In addition they assert that during the time of this crisis, the government will not only fail at helping people, but will actually become problematic as they have the ability to confiscate food, weapons, aurvival even homes from people. I simply ran a google search for Matt Stevens, and came across the PDF books they’re actually just articles.

I am set up to receive a package of food each month that feeds up to ten people. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. My e-mail was “permanently rejected”.

It is a common but bogus marketing technique. They had moved with no forwarding address.

Patriot Survival Guide

The matt stevens patriot survival stevfns movement in America has, thousands leading to RadioMaster Reports: Yesterday’s call was unpleasant.

Matt makes express guarantees that if you are not happy you can return the product, yet the matt stevens patriot survival plan and conditions disclaim, in conspicuous all capitals, all express and implied warranties.

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Quick Sign Up Continue with Google. I accept your policy. Is that really Matt in the video?

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Quick Sign Up Connect with Facebook. Enter your email below to get started! Then about the “extras” offered.

matt stephens patriot survival guide

All they want is your credit card number so you can have it for free. Returns are never as easy as claimed! Is it a scam? Is the Patriot Survival Plan a Scam? If you have any experience with this program, please leave your Patriot Survival Plan reviews below. That ppatriot will take about 5 days for it to arrive. The video presentation on this website sets forth an argument made by many other people also selling survivalist materials, like CrisisEducation.

Patriot Survival Plan Reviews

Regarding the Patriot Survival Plan materials specifically, online customer reviews appear to be overwhelmingly negative, surivval the most common complaints citing poor customer service and failure to receive physical materials, even after months of waiting.

Comment on this review. Furthermore, the Patriot Survival Plan promotional video is filled with spelling and grammatical examples, which acts to further delegitimize the product. The video says one on bartering in a crisis is there for the sttevens “few” buyers.


View all 2 Comments Monti. I asked where the paper check was and was told there was no record of such agreement. However, pstriot sites almost never provide sources for their claims, which are often just intended to scare you into making a rash decision instead of actually informing you. These atevens always do that.

matt stevens ultimate survival guide

During the first two months after purchase if you decide you are unhappy with what you have received, you can call their Customer Service and explain why it is you want to return the product and they will give you instructions on how to complete the return process. Many of the top billionaires including Warren Buffet are selling all of their US-based stocks. Sign up for HighYa newsletter and get our best content delivered in your mat as well as 3 free eBooks to help you save money and shop smarter.

So why worry about it? Parriot just found and printed all 6 of these ebooklets for FREE.