30 Sep In this message, professor Mesfin talks about the current situation in Ethiopia, TPLF,Tigray and their relation. Response to it among Ethiopians. 10 Jun Mesfin Woldemariam’s recent Amharic book, a slim volume entitled, The perplexing phenomena that exercises the Professor’s mind is how. 3 Jun Together with the Derg, Professor Mesfin demeaned and .. Sorry you feel like that but you need to examine yourself and ask why do Mesfin Woldemariam and the His latest book is really a mockery of academic pursuit.

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In what some readers consider as a flag-waving gesture bordering on xenophobic paranoia, he finds the motives of westerners writing on Ethiopian history to be suspicious. Zewditu Gudina Daba on Getachew Admase: Professor Mesfin does not shy away from big themes, unlike so many of our contemporaries.

Bahru ZewdeProf. I agree with both points, but with reservations:. This man goes out of his way to disparage the extraordinary triumphs of the Tigrian people, and out of spite, Mesfin Weldemariam backed the former Derg officials.

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The idea that Ethiopia was and would be an African superpower looks like a bad joke today. The prosecutor is said to have presented video and audio evidence. I am an Ethiopian not in a sense that people were narrating for centuries. Tedros Adhanom is a Qualified Candidate. Thus, it seems to me, Ethiopia is declining because it has abandoned the virtue of self-sacrifice, the virtue that profesxor heroic patriots exalted. They are navigating different seas. When we measure a democracy by how vibrant it is in terms bolks variety of booos parties who have a fair chance of becoming movers and shakers in parliament whether they win or lose electionswhen we measure a profesaor by the plurality of views in media, in the tolerance to writers and journalists who say things which annoy the government but are nevertheless allowed to continue with their work unmolested, then a few countries doing significantly better: While some in the media may be actively trying to besmirch Professor Mesfin for his bold conclusions, they will all come to naught.


Along with 37 others, he was convicted on the basis of the prosecution evidence and prevented from making a statement in court after the prosecution case ended. Mesfin is a public intellectual par excellence who has taken it upon himself to engage the leaders and the wider public through his articles and other publications in the three regimes he has lived through his long career. I think it is fair to say that our mode of government promotes those who obey authorities without questioning and demote those who stand for truth and challenges authorities.

Mesfin, along with the 37 other Ethiopian opposition party officials, prominent human rights defenders and journalists on trial with him, were freed on July 20, Pizza Hut is set to open three restaurants in Ethiopia this year.

The cancellation of a planned construction railway from Mekelle to Shire.

Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam’s thought-provoking and controversial book | Addis Journal

It could be you have told yourself lies so often that you do not any more realize you are telling lies. Why has it been especially important Ethiopian historians to write entirely in English? Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Comments 14 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Views Read Edit View history. But this is not entirely the case.

I am happy if I can read writings that enhance love, mutual respect, plurality and humanity. Their criticisms are the result of knee-jerk reactions to a work that differs fundamentally from their paradigm of how the foundation of the state must be maintained.


: Professor Mesfin Woldemariam: Books

I am surprised about the enormous smear campaign that is currently going on against Professor Mesfin as a result of his bold book. For an unabashedly partisan public historian, writing Tigrayan ethno history by vilifying Emperor Menelik II might be, if not excusable, at least something one can understand given the populist agenda and the goal of ethnic rehabilitation informing his undertaking, even one deplores some of his outlandish claims.

World Demand for Ethiopian honey is growing but production is way behind. Primordial passions are raging everywhere as people scramble into tribal tents, having lost faith in their place in the Ethiopian mansion.

Ethiopia secured access to Berbera port of Somaliland from DP world.

Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia: For him, during Amde Tseyon, a king of the 14century, the Ethiopian territory stretched to the far south and west, which he cited Sihab ad-Din Ahmad bin account of the early sixteenth century Jihad in Ethiopia. This page was last edited on 18 Juneat If that is the case, we can perhaps better understand our own national crisis.

He begins his book by taking to task three historians who had written on how the nation came to be what it is today, Prof. Is it by coincidence that the metropolis, mesffin the professor resides, is safe and has not had a terrorist assault from the Somali Islamist group?