The same plot told in ninety-nine different ways, this is the theme of “Exercises in Style” by Raymond Queneau. How many different ways can you make a cover. Esercizi di stile by Raymond Queneau, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Esercizi di stile. Testo francese a fronte by Raymond Queneau, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Another one of these is “Homophonique”, and again I am afraid in English or German you only get word salad. I turned around stiel as the older man was getting off the bus.

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They were being squashed together. Yours sincerely, [P] Crude This book is fucking shit. I hesitate to say this, but the quantity by far dominates the quality.

Alas – at least in my slow-witted and simpleminded view – the book itself is an inconsequential literary trifle. And yes, I am perfectly aware that those of my Wtile friends who read this review up to this point have now 1 stopped reading and 2 unfriended me. Suddenly a voice rang out in my room: One and a half stars.

O Raymond, Raymond Quenau! View all 12 comments. Raymond’s exercises got me thinking about all manner of things, and I had a few days of intellectual fireworks not my own, more like an appreciation of Raymond’s. Kingdom of Ash Sarah J.

Esercizi di stile. Testo francese a fronte : Raymond Queneau :

PaperbackTesto originale a frontepages. Trivia About Exercises in Style. I read the 65th Anniversary edition, which contains not only the original 99 but some new exercises by Queneau some substituted post the original, others publised elsewhere or unpublished but also Exercises by several authors such as Enrique Vila Matis, the eminent US oulipian Harry Matthews and Jonathan Lethem.


Read my full re One of the most famous works by the French writer, Raymond Queneau, is Exercises In Stylea fiction with the slightest of plots. Ray rated it did not like it Oct 19, The bus was being got into by passengers. What starts with different ways of informing the reader about this apparently meaningless event stioe into an exhilarating lesson on the usage on words. One learns that life stilw repeats itself but a little differently each time.

Work them to the bone.

Although Queneau’s novels give an impression of enormous spontaneity, they were in fact painstakingly conceived in every small detail. Refresh and try again. So I will give it three stars. By the fourth or fifth style, one is aware of what to expect content-wise but the anticipation is created by the way of its telling.

Esercizi di stile : Raymond Queneau :

I si in the quiet chambers of my mind many hours how to review this book. View all 81 comments. The characters bear such a close resemblance to their creator, that parsing the differences between intentional and unintentional personality traits imbued in them, and their subsequent significance in the novel, would be an exercise in quneau rather than style. There is no doubt that philosophy, as a field of study and practice, takes as its defining characteristic to be critical thinking and a dependence on the foundations of logic.

Both unoriginality and the movement against expression are often displayed in texts that are constrained by rules, as in Oulipo. Nicolas Saulais, who contributed an essay on Oulipo to my French edition of the text, says that a true Oulipien combines the account with the count, “il aime conter et compter” p In appendice, alcuni esercizi lasciati cadere nell’edizione definitiva, un indice preparatorio e l’introduzione, scritta da Queneau per un’edizione del I entered it slowly, almost tentatively sliding inside, trying to control my breathing.


One reason we read is to see the effect of the constraints: I was not being myself, not beating my own drum, passengers stepping all over my feet, but I could not get off the bus.

It’s clear that Queneau is experimenting, but passages like Ed on to ay rd wa id sm yo da he nt ar re at pl rm fo an of us sb aw is ou ay ma ng ho nw ne se wa ck oo st ng lo dw an wa ho ea sw ng ri at ah th wi la ap ro it dt un sa he me. I had reached my stop. Not only did she find ingenious ways to transfer Raymond’s linguistic puzzles into English, she also did the job with charm and esprit, and even found time to leave some “Easter Eggs” dotted around the text.

Testo originale a fronte. Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur. I would go so far as to say that there is an equal scope of emotions in this setup as compared to the kind provided by epics or classics. The Ice Monster David Walliams.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is how enjoyable the book is to read.