Kashf ul Asrar English Book by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo . I have given it the title: ” The Secret of Secrets, concerning what is needed by the righteous [Sirr al-Asrar. (The Book of the Secret of Secrets and the Manifestation of Lights). Contents of the book · Preface · Introductory account of the beginning of creation · The seven . The Secretum or Secreta Secretorum also known as the Sirr al-Asrar is a pseudoaristotelian Copland’s English translation is divided into sections on the work’s introduction, the Manner of Kings, Health, the Four Seasons of the Year, Natural.

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This also made clear who were the hypocrites and non believers by giving them the occasion to deny, as they would not believe in angels. It is said that a spiritual teacher who declares himself independent wishes to liken himself to a prophet, which will lead him to blasphemy and infidelity. One hopes to enter Paradise as a reward for good deeds, but gifts of Paradise come here through ssirr hands of the child of the heart.

The caliph introduced all the wise men and teachers of his time to the priest in order to eliminate his doubts, but none of them succeeded.

Jilani The Secret Of Secrets : Smirna Si : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It was by holding his hand that he took his vows and entered the path of the Sufis. As he had not, they surmised that the fast had begun. Karna Mustaqim rated it really liked it Apr 30, Shaykh c Abdul-Qadir used to interject poetry into his talks. There He dressed the souls in robes of light.

While he was engaged in this he was called to accompany the emis- saries to India as their king, and he left. Three ql and thirteen saints of the time, among them sev- enteen in the holy city of Mecca, sixty in Iraq, forty in Iran, twenty in Egypt, thirty in Damascus, eleven in Abyssinia, seven from Cey- lon, twenty-seven in the West, forty-seven in the inaccessible lands beyond Mount Qaf, seven in the lands of Gog and Magog, azrar twenty-four in the islands of the oceans, all heard it and put their heads asraf the ground in obedience — with the exception of one Per- sian.


It is the place reserved for prophets, for the ones who are loved by Allah, for His friends. Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. Kemal Eng,ish rated it really liked it Jul 08, He neither changes them, nor renders that which is unlawful lawful to the ones He favours.


Then by Thy Might! It contains supposed letters from Aristotle to his pupil Alexander the Great. Bandits, thieves, outlaws came to him and became his followers. The first Latin translation was done for the Portuguese queen c. I stood on one foot and leaned against the wall with one hand. For those who see the truth, to remember Allah is an obligation. He was a perfect man, of continuous consciousness and remembrance of Allah, meditating, thinking, taking and giving lessons.

Ayshea rated it really liked it Jul 03, Finally there came a round light, brighter than the sun and standing apart from it. When I started teaching I had only two or three students. Allah doth guide whom He will to His light.

Although all manner of miracles have come through him to prove this state, he has nothing to do with them. Indeed He alone is praiseworthy and most glorious Sura Hud, 73 The carpet floated like the flying carpet of the prophet Solomon, and descended to the ground.

Truth cannot be attained only through the tangible knowledge of the senses, of the material universe. The second translation was done at Antioch c. Then neglish evening he sent word to Hadrat c Abdul- Qadir, asking him if he could convince the priest of the truth of the Ascension. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.


Its work deals with the first four of the Beautiful Names of the Essence of Allah. Good deeds are the mother that bears the child of truth: He is playing around me just as he did before. Blessed are those who see me. In the morning the gates were opened and he entered the Sufi lodge. Here only the manifestation of His divine attributes can be viewed, reflected upon the pure mirrors of pure hearts: In this stage there are similarly two steps to take: Since you have none, take your ugly self away!

So while you are alive you will not be unaware of Us. Neither his school nor its vicinity could contain his followers.

Sura Shura, 20 The best course is to find a true spiritual teacher who will bring your heart to life. The mind of the priest could not accept the ascension of the Prophet and his coming back to tell about it. His reason in that was to teach the axrar spirit to seek the way back to the truth on the level of the All-Powerful, to seek its previous closeness and intimacy with Allah. He sought his knowledge, his reason, to make sense out of this situation, but all reason and knowledge had left him.

Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qadir tells about the beginning of his teaching: