23 May Krishnakarnamrutham krishna. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sri krishna. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. Krishna Karnamrutham In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link | Text Link. ⇒ Krishna Karnamrutham In Gujarati: Source 1.

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But that tying, troubled all the three worlds in his belly, And became reason for very loud complaints from everywhere. So goes the legend. The Dry Jane Harper. The Tattooist of Auschwitz Heather Morris. They could copy only first chapter in that night; later, on his returning to vanga province, he found it to be incomplete, karnammrutham then mahaprabhu sent disciples to Andhra to fetch a complete copy of this work.

Oh Lord of Gopis, My mind, is quivering, By the pretty tinkling sound of your gem studded anklets, And imagined, seeing a lotus forest in the river Karnamruthqm, And saw pretty swans swimming and singing sweetly there. I salute that child,as the wish giving tree of Brindavana, Where pecock which is the steed of Subrahmanya dances On seeing the black hair of Krishna thinking that it is a cloud, Where Nandi the krishnw of Lord Shivasmells out the cows passionately, And where the elephant Iravatha the steed of Indra learns to walk from Krishna.

Victory, victory victory to God, Whose name brings all the good to the three worlds, Victory, victory, victory kgishna the God child Krishna, Whose incarnation is sweet to hear and see and to the mind.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam – Wikipedia

Madhava also indicates spring, Dharanidhara can be Adhi sesha the snake and hari also indicates a monkey. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat Let all of us be protected by the Lord Kesava, in whose case, On the inner petals of the lotus generated on whose stomach, Lord Brahma is a bee, On whose chest goddess Lakshmi shines and whose eyes are the moon and the sun, The divine river originating from whose feet became an ornament of the head of ShivaAnd by meditating on whose name all sins are removed permanently.

This translation follows the Malayalam commentaries and the Tamil translation by Sri Anna [3]. Oh wayfarers, please do not go by this path, For by the side of Bheemaradhi river stands a bad man, Who is nude, who is blue like new leaf of mango tree, Who is locking his hands behind his back, And who is capable of stealing your mind and wealth.

Let us be protected by Krishna, who is the sea of mercy and good deeds, So that his loving merciful side long glance cures, The great darkness of passion that engulfs all our minds, Which are attacked by avarice and great desire. And when I will be lucky to get my mind cooled by the music of your flute? Let there be victory to the light in the form of a child, Which is ever full by the length of its broad eyes, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, Which is the personification of the plays of children, Which is being enjoyed by connoisseurs again and again, By leaving out jobs which are hard to perform, And which lives on the breast of Gopis who are proud of their youth.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let him who is having a whip in his hands as red as the hibiscus flower, Who is wearing moving ornaments like chain, gem studded ear rings and waist belt And whose face is all over coated with drops of sweat, And who is as blue as a water rich cloud and Who is an ornament to the chariot of Arjuna protect us.


Though there are many incarnations of the lotus eyed VishnuWhich except that of Krishna provided solace to cows, gopas and gopis?

This is available online through Digital Library of India. What is the use of others getting pleased with me. I greatly respect the lotus like feet of the divine God, Which is celebrated by the top most part of Vedas, Which are searched by great yogis with great effort, And is found in the wet cow dung all over Vruja.

Let us be protected by that taste which drives away all tastes, That state which is like the complete pleasure of salvation coming down, That place of stay of natural sweetness, And that concept of Krishna which has come down to Gokula.

Victory to the gem among Gopalas, who is surrounded by Gopa ladies, Who has a musk thilaka on his forehead, Kousthubha gem on his chest, A new gem studded nose drop at the end of the nose, Flute in his hand, Bangle on his hand, Who is coated with sandal paste all over and wears a necklace of beads on his neck. Please meditate on the lotus like feet of Lord VishnuWhich wears the gem studded anklets making sound in Vruja, Which is like a pretty lotus blessed by Lakshmi in the pond, Which is filled by the musical sound of the royal swans.

Before my eyes grows fast the Krishna principle, Which is engaged in newer and newer plays every day, Which due to his pretty face wearing cooling smile, melts even the heart of Arundathi, And the prettiness of which is being appreciated by the love God himself, And which for ever lives in the breasts of pretty ladies of Vruja clan.

The very pretty lotus like face of the Lord assumes, A perplexed look when he himself starts appreciating, The soulful and strange music ,that flows from his flute.

Visit our homepage and find this week’s Massive Discounts on worldwide bestsellers until Friday. Oh sea of mercy, I beg you with folded hands, With an unbearable low feeling and with shaking throat, Please make my mind light and happy, With your side long glances along with mercy.

When will I able to see the boy who plays, The sweet compositions which emanates from his face, Which are complete and are nectar like, Which are fit to be worshipped, And which are played by him on his flute. He started his masterpiece called Krishna Karaamrutham with the slokam:.

Wonky Donkey Craig Smith. I worship that sweet child with blue colour, Who is the boundary of cleverness, Who is source of very temporal glances, Who has pretty eyes nurtured sdi the waves, Of the nectar like sea of prettiness, Who is honoured by the side long glances of Lakshmi, Who is interested in playing by the sandy shores of river Yamuna, And who begot a son who was the God of krnamrutham.

My mind is illuminated by the pretty wonderful light form, Whose shining hair is decorated by peacock feathers, Who has a face which is ebbing with sweetness, Who karmamrutham with the new youthfulness, Who plays the flute that kridhna the nectar like musicAnd who is surrounded and worshipped by GopisHaving slightly thick breast tips.

With a face irishna is complete with prettiness, With a smile which shows the capability of sweetness, And with a vision reflecting mrishna of mercy, His form fulfills the avarice of my eyes. The jingling sound of the bangles, the yellow silk which keeps slipping, The hair not arranged properly, the peacock feathers which have fallen down, Oh lord, And the tight embrace in her hands again by your sweet heart, Keep on coming to my mind, when I think of the love play of yours, Oh Lord.


No, it is the holder of wheel, Is he a potter with a wheel?

Let us be protected by the child form of Krishna, Which is the king of Yadavas, which is being drunk, By the mind of sages attracted by him from foot to head, And which is the taste which is enjoyed by Gopis.

When I am confused due to the life of jarnamrutham [15]Let the very indescribable lotus eyed child Krishna, And dust of Brindavan made holy by the walk of Gopis, Appear before my eyes again karnxmrutham again.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

I meditate on that child Krishna, Who is moving on both his knees, With his left hand on the floor, And staring at the butter in his lotus like right hand. According to local legend in Mathura as well as a majority of the literary commentators agree that he was from Kerala. Our eyes are thirsting to see your childhood form, Where your hair was made up by using peacock feathers, When you were worshipped by lotus like eyes of Gopis, And when your face used to defeat moon as well lotus by its looks.

This form of great light, which is sweet to the mind, Which has firmness in the tender feet, fleshiness in the calf, Thickness in the hips, lotus in the stomach, Length in the arms, breadth in the chest, Sweetness in the lips, dense nature of the hair, Youthfulness in the face, shine in the eyes, And uses forest products for decoration, is indeed wonderful. When will the merciful God, look at me with his eyes, Which are playful, which are cooling in effect, Which are bluish red, which resemble a lotus flower, And which is ornamented, due to wonderful playfulness.

They could copy only first chapter in that night; later, on his returning to Vanga province, he found it to be incomplete, and then Mahaprabhu sent disciples to Andhra to fetch a complete copy of this work.


The god of love with five arrows with him got, His beauty by a small portion of a drop of nectar, But Krishna wearing the peacock feather in his head, Naturally has lots and lots of nectar of joy and let him be victorious. This light like form of Krishna is wonderful, For it has red colour on feet cooled by mercy, No space between hair locks, has breadth in his eyes, Prettiness in the body as black as black collyrium, And also youthfulness in his age.

Which clearly shows the changing emotions of childhood, Which increases the wave like emotions of my mind, And your juicy glance with ever playful eyes.

Who has nectar like smile on his lower lips, Who is famous for his sea like colour, And who has a youthful long lotus like eyes. I salute Lord Krishna, who is full of happiness of childhood, Who wears shining peacock feather on his head, Who has a face which has a very pretty smile, Who has a rotating side long glance from his eyes, Who grants great happiness to those who surrender to him, Who is of the blue colour of the newly formed cloud, And who is fully complete due to his own personal sweetness.