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The transmission on the NILE Networks is controlled stsnag the TDMA structure, which is known to each unit, so the loss of any unit does not affect the ability of the remaining units to continue operation. Link 16 is a complex and robust tactical data link that attempts to meet current operational requirements but is still reasonably old technology. The development of all other Link 22 subsystems is a national or manufacturer’s responsibility.

The NCT in the above figure is 40 minislots; however, this can vary up to a maximum of It uses the same field definitions as Link 16 to provide standardization between the two tactical data links. Uses same crypto chip as Link Three levels of reliability are provided: The planners take into account how many tactical messages per second a unit will stanxg to transmit Capacity Needincluding relay traffic, and how long it can wait between transmissions Access Delay.

More difficult to spoof, and any attempts to spoof are easier to detect, due to features such as time based encryption. A unit is able to handle the closure or shutdown of stwnag network and the restart of the network after the hardware has been reset, without affecting the other networks. After the Super Network has been started, units that arrive late can join the tactical data link by initiating a protocol called Late Network Entry LNE.

The result is that it is significantly easier to plan and operate than either Link 11 or Link Radio frequency and power control by the SPC is optional. This article needs additional citations for verification. Link 22 requires each unit to initialize with the same fundamental parameters as all other units.

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Link 22 – Wikipedia

The originator ztanag the data to be transmitted is provided in the TSR. All NILE system components have been jointly defined and designed. The DLP processes the received tactical messages and generates tactical messages for transmission in accordance with the unit’s national requirements. A unit cannot transmit until it is polled.

Link 22 transmits tactical data in fixed stsnag messages, and uses the same data element definitions as Link Link 22 has better tactical data throughput than Link 11, and it stznag even work in conditions where Link 11 will not. When a unit retransmits a message to extend coverage this is called relay, which is stanah automatic function of Link stahag This removes the need for the DLP to perform redundant transmissions and minimizes bandwidth utilization. The DLP could delete selected requests to reduce the congestion, and it could reduce the rate of transmission requests.

A steering committee controls the complete NILE program. It provides a simple-to-use, sophisticated suite of functions that require minimal operator interaction, and that enable it to be used as both an excellent stand-alone tactical data link or in a complementary role with Link The DLP can perform minimal tactical message processing, or it can be a complete multilink Command and Control C2 system. The DLP has full control over messages it has requested to be transmitted. Whether stanaag in single or multiple enclosures will depend on the site and the way that communications equipment is usually configured on that platform.

This article has multiple issues. This ensures that each unit has an opportunity to transmit at least once within a given period of time, called the Network Cycle Time NCT. It was conceived to support small numbers of units performing mainly an Anti-Air Warfare AAW role on a single network.


The probability of reception requested is used to calculate how many repeat transmissions are made. Some units perform special roles, but the loss of these units sttanag not disastrous to the operation of Link If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

Congestion Management is performed automatically in a number of ways.

If they are any available this would reduces the equipment that must be acquired. In addition, Link 22 automates Congestion Management in a number of different ways. A NILE unit may join a network in one of the following three ways. This chapter will discuss non-tactical Link 22 features, functions, interfaces, and messages.

When the connectivity changes, possibly due to the loss of a unit or the failure of equipment, the relay automatically takes this into account and modifies message routing in an attempt to maintain the probability that messages get to their addressees.

The 5252 Network Controller SNC calculates whether the relay is necessary, based on its knowledge of the connectivity among units.

It is primarily intended for integrators, software engineers and testers. Link 22 needs to be supplied with coordinated universal time UTC which, if not already available on the platform, must be acquired. This function, called Network Reconfiguration, causes little or no network interruption. This additional level of security cannot be provided by Link 16 as the terminal must retain access to the tactical data being transmitted.

Legacy solutions would be technically possible but at the expense of lost interoperability. Prioritization of messages ensures most important are transmitted before stanga important. Link 22 provides four levels of Prioritywhere priority 1 is the highest and 4 is the lowest.

In normal use Roll Call a Link 11 network is controlled by a Net Control Station, which polls each unit in turn to request a transmission.