Following is New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) information . ) and the applicant of record does not use the TR8 Form, the progress. NYCECC. July LIGHTING AND POWER. CHAPTER 5. COMMERCIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY. New York City Energy Conservation Code NYCECC , incl. LL48/ ( ECCCNYS base). ASHRAE STD or , or

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Energy Cost Budget Method. This form is used to report the inputs and results of an energy analysis performed with energy modeling.

Modeling input and output files that correspond to the form must be made available to the department upon request. Required Items Checklist for Professional Certification. Technical Report Nhcecc of Responsibility. Buildings Search all NYC.

Licensed Master and Special Electricians are required to comply with all applicable codes, including the NYCECC, but they are neither required nor authorized to design. Therefore, when there is electrical work on electrical drawings or drawings of other disciplines that needs to nyceccc with the NYCECC, the Licensed Master or Special Electrician must install work in conformance with those approved drawings.

Where the work of an electrical permit application is minimal, requiring only simple lighting power density calculations for the energy analysis, and when there is no construction application being filed during the same period in which the lighting design would properly be included, the nycedc master or special electrician may elect to create, stamp and sign the energy analysis. Nycedc Cost Budget Method This form is used to report the inputs and results of an energy analysis performed with energy modeling.

Buildings – Energy Code Forms

The updated form is based in excel and contains quality control features to mitigate common 2011. This form must be included in the drawing set for submission to the department.


On the form, the applicant must identify the software nycrcc used for the energy analysis. If a program other than DOE2-based software is used, the applicant must provide evidence of the approval of the software from both the Secretary of State of New York State and the Buildings Commissioner.

Certification of Conformance with As-Built Energy Analysis The progress inspector s must certify on this form that the as-built values for energy in the building match the values in the last-approved energy analysis. The as-built energy analysis must be professionally certified and submitted with the EN2 Form at sign-off.

See the Progress Inspections page for more information. This form includes additional tax abatement requirements. Additional Considerations Check Yes if the project includes lighting work.

NYC Energy Conservation Code FAQ

You should determine in which document architectural, mechanical, nycecd electrical such work will be nycec. Professional Statement Applicants for approval of construction drawings for new buildings or alterations must indicate in Section 10 either that the application complies with or that it is exempt from the NYCECC.

See the Professional Statement page for more information about what qualifies as an exemption. In order to claim an exemption, the entire application must be exempt.

If you check that the application complies, you should first check the box indicating that the energy analysis is on a different application if applicable nycefc provide the application number. In addition, you must check Yes or No on the subsequent statements indicating whether there are trade-offs in the application within a single discipline i.


If you determine that the application is not technically exempt but there is no work in the application that requires supporting documentation, including progress inspections, then we recommend that you provide the tabular analysis format for the energy analysis.


The fourth sub-box under the exemption check-off should only be checked if the application is a post-approval amendment PAA for an application filed under an earlier nycwcc or edition of the Energy Code and deemed exempt at that time.

However, if the PAA is for work that was not exempt under the Energy Code in effect at the time of nyycecc, then such work must comply with that edition. Sections 11 and 11a: Job Description and Related Job Numbers You must provide all related application numbers for the project.

See the explanation below for on the TR8 Form nyvecc more information.

If you check No, you must represent that no progress inspections are required for the project. You should be aware of the requirement for energy code progress inspections in Section BC Boxes for inspections not relating to the scope of work should be checked No. Work not requiring compliance: There will be no further submission of the TR8 Form required for the permit and sign-off. Applications originally filed prior to February 7, The TR8 Form does not accurately relate to earlier editions of the Energy Code and may not be used for progress inspections under such editions.

If the original application was filed between September 7, and December 27,only the TR1 Form may be used because the progress inspections and ECC citations were different under the ECC in effect at that time. If the original application was filed prior to September 7,Energy Code progress inspections were not included on the TR1 Form.