Video Pick of the Week: Tatyana Ryzhkova Plays Arcas’ ‘Fantasia on opera La Traviata—written by Spanish composer Julian Arcas.

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Gastone and his friends join the matadors and sing Gastone, chorus, dancers: Annina, the maid, arrives from Paris, and, when questioned by Alfredo, tells him that she went there to sell the horses, carriages and everything owned by Violetta to support their country lifestyle.

The character of Violetta dominates the work and her music changes as she develops through the drama, from the hectic, almost hysterical coloratura of the first act, to the more dramatic passages of the second, and the spiritual quality of her music as she departs life in Act Three.

Verdi was filled with premonitions of disaster upon his arrival traviataa Venice on trviata February for rehearsals and he made his unhappiness clear to the singers. Fearing that the Baron’s anger will lead him to challenge Alfredo to a duel, she gently asks Alfredo to leave. Amami, Alfredo, amami quant’io t’amo — “Love me, Alfredo, love me as I love you”. As they bet, Alfredo wins some large sums until Flora announces that supper is ready.

Francesco Maria Piave was to be engaged to write the new libretto and the two men tried to come up with a suitable subject, but the composer complained that his librettist “had not yet offered him an ‘original’ or ‘provocative’ idea”.

Traviata Fantasía (Arcas, Julián) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Unlike Il Trovatorewhich was composed simultaneously, La Traviata is an intimate piece, full of tender lyricism. After a series of severe coughs and almost fainting, Violetta begins to feel dizzy and asks her guests to go ahead and to leave her traviqta rest until she recovers.


The opera was originally titled Violettaafter the main character.

Di donne ignobile insultatore, di qua allontanati, ne desti orror! After Verdi’s return from Paris a contract was signed in Maywith performances scheduled for Marchalthough no subject was chosen at that time.

Traviata Fantasía (Arcas, Julián)

Verdi was distraught, for he held on to the notion that the opera could be staged in modern dress—as Stiffelio had been done—Piave was sent back to Sant’Agata to no avail: He humiliates and denounces Violetta in front of the guests and then throws his winnings at her feet in payment for her services. Retrieved 14 October When he sees them, Alfredo loudly proclaims that he will take Violetta home with him.

It was not until the s that the composer and librettist’s original wishes were carried out and “realistic” productions were staged. From off stage, Alfredo’s voice is heard singing about love as he walks down the street. Three months later, Alfredo and Violetta are living together in a peaceful country house outside Paris. Alfredo is shocked to learn this and leaves for Paris immediately to settle matters himself.

The guests reprimand Alfredo: Alfredo leaves with handfuls of money. Alfredo’s father enters with the doctor, regretting what he has done. At first, she rejects him because his love means nothing to her, but there is something about Alfredo that touches her heart. Feeling annoyed, the Baron goes to the gambling table and joins him in a game. Noi siamo zingarelle venute da lontano — “We are gypsy girls who have come from afar”; Di Madride noi siam mattadori — “We are matadors from Madrid”.


As the months dragged on into October, it was agreed that Piave would come to Sant’Agata and work with the composer. For Verdi, the years to were filled with operatic activity. Act 1 finale, sung by Lucrezia Bori in for Edison Records. La traviata opera Marguerite musical Marguerite and Armand ballet. Piave and Verdi wanted to follow Dumas in giving the opera a contemporary setting, but the authorities at La Fenice insisted that it be set in the past, “c.

However, within a short time, a synopsis was dispatched to Venice under the title of Amore e morte Love and Death. Alexandre Dumas fils ‘ The Lady of the Camellias.

Alfredo suspects that the Baron is behind his separation with Violetta, and the party invitation, which he finds on the desk, strengthens his suspicions. Some revisions arrcas place between and Maymostly affecting acts 2 and 3, but the opera was given again on 6 May and was a great success, largely due to Maria Spezia-Aldighieri ‘s portrayal of Violetta.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat They see Alfredo at the trxviata table. First, he had agreed with the librettist Salvadore Cammarano on a subject for what would become Il trovatorebut work on this opera could not proceed while the composer was writing Rigolettowhich premiered in Venice in March Arcws of compositions by Giuseppe Verdi Category: