bangladesh income tax by nikhil chandra shil docs. Thu, 27 Dec GMT bangladesh income tax by nikhil pdf – government of the people’s republic. [READ] Bangladesh Income Tax By Nikhil Chandra Shil Free Ebooks. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download. bangladesh income tax by nikhil chandra shil. Fri, 14 Dec GMT bangladesh income tax by nikhil pdf – REPORT. ON. TAXATION LAWS.

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Nikhil Chandra Shil

This banfladesh is about the exploration of innovative management control systems in the context of New Public Management NPM initiatives. NPM initiatives created incomw changes to the structure and processes of public sector organizations with NPM initiatives created the changes to the structure and processes of public sector organizations with the objective of getting them to run shol.

This study draws on a single theoretical perspective, Giddens’s structuration theory to understand the management control systems evolved in the researched organization. Qualitative research methodology is applied to obtain a better understanding of the phenomena. Case-based research method is used in developing a complete understanding of the relative role of controls in the management of organizational performance.

In this study, it bangladsh argued that the researched organization has adopted various management control tools to improve its performance and demonstrate transparency and accountability. Some of the control tools it has adopted are the innovations in the public sector. It appears from the case that these adopted management control tools forced the researched organization towards better performance supporting the rationale of adopting New Public Management practices.

Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation. Adarsh Journal of Management Research. Fiscal Measures in the Bangladesh National Budget of An Appraisal of Income Tax more.

The maiden budget of the newly elected government in Bangladesh is of the The maiden budget of the newly elected government in Bangladesh is of the size Tk. It includes a gross revenue of Tk. Mar 21, Publication Name: The Iup Journal of Public Finance. Tax Compliance and Income Tax. A Survey Based Study more. Cost and management accounting practices in Bangladesh: Managerial and Financial Accounting, Vol. Mar 20, Publication Name: International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting.

Accounting for Good Corporate Governance more.

Read wed-8/bangladesh-income-tax-by-nikhil-chandra-shil-docs

Corporate Governance and Governance. Contemporary research in cost and management accounting practices: Is Higher Education in Crisis? Customized Supplier Selection Methodology: An Application of Multiple Regression Analysis more. Sophisticated manufacturing process demands a strong supplier base for satisfying customers with a quality product at a cheaper price. Thus, supplier selection has been shown to be significant in supply chain management literature, where Thus, supplier selection has been shown to be significant in supply chain management literature, where many research studies have been conducted.


Technology-led and sophisticated production processes and bitter competition may be the reasons that attract practitioners to select from a dedicated list of promising suppliers. Most of the previous studies on this subject have concentrated on the selection of either the criteria or methods used to choose the right supplier s. This paper also addresses these two issues. It focuses on the methodology of selecting the right supplier s from a list of suppliers.

Criteria have been chosen in line with the requirements of the firm and a multiple regression analysis has been used as a statistical tool to choose the right supplier s. Here, criteria have been translated into three different indexes from differen Proposal of Multi-Goal Coordination Approach more.

Japanese Management and International Studies. Product Planning through HOQ: Among the four phases in QFD methodology, product planning is the first phase. House of Quality HOQ is a customary technique used in product planning which basically starts with the Voice of the Customers VoC which is ultimately translated into design requirements.

The target of HOQ is to plan the product in such a way that is demanded by the customers. This paper seeks to present and explain an algorithm to construct the HOQ by an intelligent agent who is trained for such purpose. Robust customer satisfaction model using QFD more. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management. The basic objective of higher education throughout the civilization was to be employable.

Nikhil Chandra Shil, FCMA | East West University –

Graduates are in competition to perform a good figure in the job market while they are there. Higher education and employment is intertwined though Higher education and employment is intertwined though for few, it may be different. A Case of South Asia more.

Recession and Its Aftermath. Fuzzy clustering in Corporate governance more. Fuzzy Clustering in Corporate Governance Md. Vendor selection using genetic algorithm more. The organization will suffer in the long run if vendors are not chosen wisely. Under multi criteria decision making, an algorithm, named VSFI, based on fuzzy clustering was proposed to select the most optimal vendors. VSFI highly depends on the randomized initial values of fuzzy clustering algorithm. This may sometime select wrong vendor.

Addressing this problem, this paper proposes a genetic algorithm based solution using a fitness function. This solution finds the best vendor successfully. It can also suggest the competing vendors to improve themselves in some criteria so that they can increase their chance of winning in the selection process.

Vendor selection using fuzzy integration more. In the globalized world, the use of information technology becomes a commonplace in business and hence the competition among the business organizations becomes borderless, extensive and complicated to a greater extent.

It is very intricate for International Journal of …. An assessment of firm characteristics on financial disclosure: By virtue of this order, all companies and organisation transacting all types of insurance business in Takaful is a cooperative institution based on the A survey on existing vendor selection techniques more. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management. Logistics and Business and Management. Satisfaction management in retail financial services: International Journal of Financial Services Management.


Accounting for good corporate governance more. Economic Value Added EVA is a value based performance measure that gives importance on value creation by the management for the owners. Profit maximization as a concept is age-old, wealth maximization is matured and value maximization But, using EVA is not so simple as traditional information system will not provide sufficient information to compute true EVA. For implementing EVA as a performance measurement tool, most of the organizations need their tailored customized EVA that is very much industry specific and for doing all of these accurately, an EVA team is required who has expertise over this rich value based measure.

In this paper, I have tried to explain EVA theoretically; its origination, definition, ways to make it tailored, adjustments required, scope and some other related issues. Taax selection is a strategic issue in supply chain management for any organization to identify the right supplier. Such selection in most cases is based on the analysis of some specific criteria. Most of the researches so far Most of the researches so far concentrate on multi-criteria decision making analysis.

Though many approaches have been proposed, analytic hierarchy process AHP is the most well known as it can deal with a very complex criteria structure.

In AHP, the selected criteria are ranked and organized in a hierarchical order from generic to specific to formulate the problem. Though this order of ranking is acceptably logical, it incurs a huge computational complexity when a large number of alternatives chadra considered as the selection criteria. Moreover, the AHP may generate wrong banglaxesh due to computational error. To address these limitations, a novel model namely vendor selection using fuzzy c-means algorithm and analytic hierarchy process VFA is presented in this paper by integrating the fuzzy c-means clustering FCM algorithm with analytic hierarchy process AHP.

Corporate social responsibility CSR reporting is an embracing issue today that becomes the social perspective of accounting and reporting. Still, the international standard setters are lagging behind to bring this issue within the legal Still, the international standard setters are lagging behind to bring this issue within the legal framework of accounting and reporting. As there is a huge demand from the stakeholders for such information, it becomes a common area of voluntary disclosure at the time imcome reporting.

The paper targets to highlight the improvement of CSR reporting in Bangladesh over a period of 6 years through the content analysis of financial statements of DSE 20 companies.