Taken represents the next chapter not only in the life of Alex Verus but in the life of author Benedict Jacka as well, as they both grow in their abilities. It is with. Taken. Alex Verus’ insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London. Now with the aid of his apprentice Luna, his unique investigative talents are. Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka – book cover, description, publication history.

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Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka

It probably wouldn’t have been so noticable if the original source wasn’t one of the all-time creepiest things that I’ve ever read, so the similarities actually enhanced my reading experience since I kept picturing the terrifying manga images. Jqcka the all important third novel, the author shows that Alex Verus is here to stay.

I just added Benedict Jacka to my must-read list Jim Butcher show more. The Council is the ruling body of Light Mages.

Alex Verus is a fate mage—a diviner, a seer—and given his activities of late, his services have been in increasingly higher demand. My Take I find Alex Verus’ world fascinating. He writes a wonderfully tight story, with great pacing, and lots of interesting characters. What can go wrong?

What follows it an exciting well crafted story that holds the interest in my beedict this time in spite of my having to put the book down and read other things before I could get back to it. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Precise world building With Taken, Jacka continues to showcase his style of world building. If you’ve followed the series up to this point you’ve gotten to know Alex and he’s sort of building a reputation that he’d often rather not have with the magic community.


About this title Audio Format.

You will be glad and pissed off at the same time, because you will read them tooo fast and you won’t see your second bathroom book for way too long.

Feb 07, Red Wolf rated it it was amazing. There’s just something really addictive about this series and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. It seems terribly inefficient and just dumb. And Alex doesn’t do unpredictable. From bendeict beginning I’ve enjoyed the myth-building jacla this series. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Before I give 5 stars to this tomes I want to finish the entire series, just to analyze them in a proper context. The gathering is occurring a Fountain Reach, an old and mysterious house with secrets that Verus must expose. The inves Alex is the kind of character I benedicct However, there were enough new characters, and returning old ones, to give the story a lift.

Goodreads is the world’s largest benedit for readers with over 50 million reviews.

javka It’s not that the characters pull you in, but the way in which Jacka can take a basic plot and twist it all up according to the rules of this world he has created.

Jacka knows how to set them up and knock them down. The only thing he does know is that someone is keeping tabs on him. I read on Benedict Jacka’s Wikipedia that he wrote a number of books that didn’t get published and I guess all that work prepared him for these books. Stratus wakes alone, with no memory of his past. Yet there’s one invitation he just can’t refuse. Veiled Alex Verus series: Fast paced suspenseful fantasy thriller.

We appreciate your feedback. There were some exciting actions scenes too, including one memorable one that involved some teleporting bad guys. Arrogant, self-absorbed, if they see something they want, they take it.


Taken by Benedict Jacka

The fourth comes out later this year, and I will soon have a review for that up as well, as I enjoy this little jaunt around an increasingly enjoyable urban fantasy London. The new characters are great; Luna’s abilities are growing; the horror is less quiet, and the writing remains phenomenal but I do miss the sparkly, ‘flighty’ Starbreeze. I’ve had this on my currently reading list for a while, thought I ought to get around to reviewing it.

Alex and Luna are the obvious old faces, and Luna gets a decent chunk of screen time here—not as much as in Cursed, but the story is less about her this time around. This really is as good a series as the Dresden Files and I would just love to see Alex Verus team up with Harry Dresden to wipe the floor with all those nasty Dark Mages.

The alchemy of gunpowder fused with the magic of sorcery. A magical tournament will be hosted there, where apprentices with all sorts different magical skills will be competing against each other.

Because its over in such a short time. Same for both, but not exactly uncommon. Whew, there are currents within currents in this story.

Because, who doesn’t love to test one’s abilities by using them in a terrifying context? Although, it seems he’ll be there with another purpose in mind: All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs on him.