Il Conformista [Alberto Moravia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wonderful thriller book which questions the fascist position in Italy during. Results 1 – 30 of 63 Il Conformista by Alberto Moravia and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at concept appear in the realist novel Thus, in Alberto Moravia’s U conformista, conformista, a masterpiece of modern Italian realism, and permeates the.

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His father has been in an asylum for six years and suffers from the delusion that he is one of Mussolini’s top aides. Marcello Clerici is a bureaucratcultivated and intellectual but largely dehumanized conormista an intense need to be ‘normal’ and to belong to whatever is the current dominant socio-political group.

Marcello confotmista the entire novel in a search for what he perceives to be a normal life – normal activities, a normal appearance, normal emotions, and so on.

Part I opens with Marcello, now a state employee of the Italian Fascist government, looking through old newspaper clippings for information on the incident with Lino. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sutherland Trophy winning films.

While visiting Quadri he falls in love with Anna – the professor’s young wife – and actively pursues her. Open Preview See a Problem? I wonder if my fondness for the content being indicative of the form is because of my need for consistency. Sarah MacDonald rated it liked it Apr 23, It was photographed by Vittorio Storarowho used rich colors, authentic wardrobe of the s, and a series of unusual camera angles and fluid camera movement.

The main character’s latent homosexuality was not much explored other than as an implicit undercurrent and unspoken source of his malaise and perpetual feeling of anormality. This book is political or something, mostly its about a guy who wants to pretend to be a normie. Il conformista by Alberto Moravia. Marcello is mortified not so much by his actions but by what he perceives as the abnormality of his sentiments. Rather, I see that it is precisely because of his insides is nothing like a box that he desperately build himself a box, carefully picking his way wall-by-wall in refer to what he sees around himthe same suit, the same attitude, the same rhythm of life.

I’m looking forward to read other Moravia’s work.

Il conformista by Alberto Moravia (3 star ratings)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m just not convinced, the characters don’t fully come alive for me.


The first American release of the film was trimmed by five minutes compared to the Italian release; the missing scene features a group of blind people having a dance.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He remained a cold, shadowy presence in the story and his death ended a singularly boring and colourless life.

Make a point of watching the movie version by Bernardo Bertolucci and sta Because I believe hindsight to be better than foresight, I found this novel published in about the efforts of a week willed civil servant to conform to the social and political norms fascist Italy in the s to be very smug. He confesses to murdering Lino, and the priest indicates that he can seek absolution if he feels true remorse for his actions — an emotion that Marcello does not appear capable of feeling.

I remember moragia the film adaptation years ago and would half remember it while reading the book. The final section of the prologue covers Marcello’s torment at the hands of his classmates, who use his somewhat effeminate appearance to question his gender.

Alberto Moravia 2 12 Nov 07, Through a series of flashbackshe is seen discussing with Italo, a blind friend, his plans to marry, his somewhat awkward attempts to join the Fascist secret police, and his visits to his morphine -addicted mother at the family’s decaying villa and his unhinged father at an insane asylum.

Moravia was an atheist, his writing was marked by its factual, cold, precise style, often depicting the malaise of the bourgeoisie, underpinned by high social and cultural awareness. As for dealing with the topic of homosexuality it was the character ‘Lino’ whom Moravia had described in very stereotypical terms: In Trintignant’s characterization, Clerici is willing to sacrifice his values in the interests of building a supposedly “normal life. The ending of the film takes place in during the fall of Benito Mussolini and the fascist dictatorship, Marcello now has a small child and is apparently settled in a conformmista lifestyle.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I missed long,deep,meaningful dialogue between moavia usually Moravia had expertized in. Marcello experiences the same feeling when he and Giulia head to Quadri’s apartment, as Congormista reminds him in some ways of that prostitute, and Marcello tells himself that he is in love with Anna despite her apparent dislike for him.

Film critic and author Robin Buss writes that the cinematography suggests Clerici’s inability to conform with “normal” conformistq Anna’s pursuit of Giulia leads to an argument in a nightclub where Giulia tells Anna that she is not a lesbian and cnoformista no interest in an affair.


I enjoyed this book but, much to my surprise, not nearly as much as the film made from it by Bernardo Bertolucci in En route, they drive into an air raid, and their car is strafed with bullets. Moavia later obtains a slingshot and fires a few stones through the ivy that covers the fence around Roberto’s family’s house, only to find that he has killed their family cat instead of Roberto. Although the writing was tight, it did not This story of an Italian male struggling towards social and sexual conformity during the time of the Fascist leader Mussolini did not resonate with me.

I am sure this translation doesn’t do the book justice. In the prologue, the reader witnesses numerous formative events from a short period in Marcello’s childhood. Probably the only brainy European novel ever where the book is much better than the movie. He certainly wasn’t motivated by either ideology or, as I read him, by the mechanism moraviw the “mass psychology of fascism” as Reich termed it, rather his situation was his very peculiar biography and the resultant inordinate need to feel “normal” in a society which, at the time, happened to be fascist.

The film was influential on other filmmakers: Now that turned out to be rather incorrect, tenuous at best. In a article in The GuardianJohn Patterson defined the movie as an “expressionist masterpiece”, which “offered a blueprint for a morqvia kind of Hollywood film,” inspiring New Hollywood film makers.

Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle, was one of the leading Italian novelists confodmista the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism.

He was the child of a mentally sick father and an emotionally immature mother who both neglected him. Laura rated it liked it Mar 16, Views Read Edit View history. As a partisan political crowd sweeps past, taking Italo with them, Marcello is left alone, remaining behind and separate from the passing crowd of the confornista movement, and having spurned his former friend.

Il conformista

Morava film was a co-production of ItalianFrenchand West German film companies. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Velvetink rated it liked it Mar 26,