Telephone +31 70 33 Telefax +31 .. The CROW working party ‘ Sustainable safe criteria for Publicatie , CROW Kenniscentrum. measures (CROW, ; Elvik et al., b; European Union, ; SWOV, Groningen. Limburg. Overijssel. Cycle crossing Richtlijn verkeersplateaus: aanvulling op CROW-publicatie ‘Richtlijn. The Netherlands. Telephone +31 70 33 33 . categorising roads on a sustainably-safe basis (CROW, ). It is of great .. Publicatie C.R.O.W, Ede.

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Skip to Content Skip to navigation. University of Groningen staff: About us How to find us prof. Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

Kencijfers parkeren en verkeersgeneratie – Google Books

Title Type Publication date Author last name 1st author Created date. Short-term Cardiovascular Measures for Driver Support: International Journal of Psychophysiology crwo, 92 1 The effects of operating a touch screen smartphone and other common activities performed while bicycling on cycling behaviour.

Traffic Psychology and Behaviour22 International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering3 Effects of alcohol hangover on simulated highway driving performance. Psychopharmacology15 Two traffic management approaches and their effect on change perception.

Sustainable life and mobility. Informatieverwerking door de weggebruiker. Theory, measurement and optimisation pp. Human factors in road and rail transport. The effects of Medicinal THC on simulator driving performance taking into account cannabis use history. Feedback from Pay-As-You-Drive insurance, publicqtie outside and inside the car. publictaie

  EN 61241-1 PDF

Why not all drivers can adhere to changes in speed limit signals over the road. A Brain Car Interface: Monitoring and maintaining visuomotor workload in a simulator. Classifying visuomotor workload in a driving simulator using subject specific spatial brain patterns. Frontiers in Neuroscience7[]. Longitudinal driving behavior in case of emergency situations: An empirically underpinned theoretical framework. Social and Behavioral Sciences80 Random and systematic errors in case-control studies calculating the injury risk of driving under the influence of psychoactive substances.

Accident Analysis and Prevention137 Alcohol, geneesmiddelen en drugs in het Nederlandse en Belgische verkeer.

prof. dr. K.A. (Karel) Brookhuis

Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschap49 Behaviour change and Pay-As-You-Drive insurance. Rewards, punishment, and persuasive information delivery: Contemporary Models of Behavioural Adaptation.

Theory, evidence and action pp. Repeatability of oral fluid collection methods for THC measurement. Forensic Science International, An adaptive driver support system: User experiences and driving performance in a simulator.

Human Factors54 5 Effects of alcohol BAC 0. Psychopharmacology3 Effects of stimulant drugs on actual and simulated driving: International Journal of Psychophysiology85 2- A methodology for improving road safety by novel infrastructural and invehicle technology combinations.


European Transport Research Review4 2 Masked Images and Driving. Change detection in variable speed limits: Dynamic Maximum Speed Limits: Perception, Mental Workload and Compliance.

Karel Brookhuis – Research database – University of Groningen

Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Transportation Research Record crrow, Abstract from International conference on traffic and transport psychologyGroningen, Netherlands. Traffic Injury Prevention13 6 The influence of music on mood and performance while driving. Ergonomics55 1 Towards a stochastic model of driving behavior under adverse conditions. Abstract from VerkeersgedragDagSoesterberg, Netherlands. Effects of listening to music, and of using a handheld and handsfree crw on cycling behaviour.


Traffic Psychology and Behaviour14 6 Do young novice drivers overestimate their driving skills more than experienced drivers? Different methods lead to different conclusions. Accident Analysis and Prevention43 5 Speed maintenance under cognitive load: Implications for theories of driver behaviour. Accident Analysis and Prevention43 4 Journal of Analytical Toxicology35 5 Countermeasures to prevent detection failure of a vehicle approaching on collision course.

Applied Ergonomics42 punlicatie Effects of steering demand on lane keeping behaviour, self-reports, and physiology: Accident Analysis and Prevention43 3 Let them experience a ride under the influence of alcohol; A successful intervention program?

European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research11 2 Potential for in-car speed assistance systems: Testing implementation conditions for in-vehicle information systems. Safety Science49 2 Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next.

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