The metacentric height (GM) is a measurement of the initial static stability of a floating body. It is calculated as the distance between the centre of gravity of a ship. It is the distance between center of gravity (c) and Metacenter. It is the measure if static stability of floating body. Large the metacentric height more is the stability. AIM: To determine the meta-centric height and position of the meta-centric height with angle of heel of ship model. APPARATUS REQUIRED: Water tank.

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Hence, the new submerged volume is. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat This is converted to potential energy by raising the centre of mass of the hull with respect to the water level or by lowering the centre of buoyancy off both.

The cross-sectional area of the block at the waterline is. In the diagram, the two Bs show the centres of buoyancy of a ship in the upright and heeled conditions, and M is the metacentre. I again brought the body in the water tube and find the angle of head by first keeping the movable load towards right and then towards left.

Distance of movable mass at right of center mm.

The range of positive stability will be reduced to the angle of down flooding resulting in a reduced righting lever. It is easily demonstrated that. The metacentric height is normally estimated during the design of a ship but can be determined by an inclining test once it has been built.

When an edge is tipped, the water metacentic to that side, which exacerbates the tip even further. Worldwide Tonnage Gross tonnage Compensated gross tonnage Net tonnage.

Technically, there are different metacentric heights for any combination of pitch and roll motion, depending on the moment of inertia of the waterplane area of the ship around the axis of rotation under consideration, but they are normally only calculated and stated as specific values for the limiting pure pitch and roll motion.


As the displacement of the hull at any particular metacenric of list is not proportional, calculations can be difficult, and the concept was not introduced formally into naval architecture until about The righting couple on the ship is proportional to the horizontal distance between two equal forces.

As is easily demonstrated, the body’s new draft becomes.

Stability and Metacentric Height

Dtermination centre of gravity of the ship is commonly denoted as point G or VCG. The point at which a vertical line through the heeled centre of buoyancy crosses the line through the original, vertical centre of buoyancy is the metacentre.

The distance between center of gravity of a floating body and Metacenter is called as Metacentric height. This is because the stiff vessel quickly responds to the sea as it attempts to assume the slope of the wave. Water Hammer – Definition and Factors Affecting it. Let and be the mean centers of these two volumes, and that of the whole volume. A passenger ship will typically have a long rolling period for comfort, perhaps 12 seconds while a tanker or freighter might have a rolling period of 6 to metacenntric seconds.

The metacentric height is an approximation for the vessel stability at a small angle degrees of heel.

Determination of Metacentric Height

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When setting a common reference for the centres, the molded within the plate or planking line of the keel K is generally chosen; thus, the reference heights are:. The significance of this effect is proportional to the cube of the width of the tank or compartment, so two baffles separating the area into thirds will reduce the displacement of the center of gravity of the fluid by a factor of 9.


It is necessary for the stability of a floating body, If metacenter is above center of gravity body will be stable because the restoring couple produced will shift the body to its original position.

The inertia resistance is a quantified description of how the waterline width of the boat resists overturning. Stay informed – subscribe to our newsletter. Finally, if and are the -coordinates of the unperturbed centers of gravity and buoyancy, respectively, then.

Views Read Edit View history. Another worrying feature of free surface effect is that a positive feedback loop can be established, in which the period of determnation roll is equal or almost equal to the period of the motion of the centre of gravity in the fluid, resulting in each roll increasing in magnitude until the loop is broken or the ship capsizes.

A simple extension of the previous argument reveals that if the body turns through a small angle about the -axis then the metacentric height is. Principles of Naval Architecture.

Metacentric height – Wikipedia

In such vessels, the rolling motion is not uncomfortable because of the moment of inertia of the tall mast and the aerodynamic damping of the sails. This results in a displacement of the centre of gravity of the tank or space relative to the overall centre of gravity.

When a ship heelsthe centre of buoyancy of the ship moves laterally. First of all I adjust the movable weight along the vertical rod at a certain position and measured the distance of center of gravity by measuring tape.