Cunning’s third Sinners on Tour erotic ménage romance about heavy metal musicians (after Rock Hard) turns to bisexual guitarist Trey Mills. Read Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Double Time is a Romance novel by Olivia Cunning. Get this from a library! Double time: Sinners on tour. [Olivia Cunning] — Rock Hard hooks you with heat and reels you in with heart.?Cheryl.

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Double time is a sexy, rockin’ good time. They’re as awesome as usual and I can’t wait to read Eric’s and Jace’s stories. So, Reagan does what any normal girl would do: Who is your favorite sinner?

Double Time

The love he showed for his brother was beautiful. Sinners at the Altar Justine O.

I could not relate at all. Wicked Beat Olivia Cunning. I mean the whole time Cunhing was reading this book I was like this: I loved the struggle that Trey and Ethan had to resist each other. She thinks she can allow you to have a male lover as long as it’s me. Rock Hard Justine O.


I cumning to know Ethan a little bit more than what we get in the story. Certain areas of the story were uncomfortable for me. He also like to POP cherries… especially Mens cherries. Her girls are always strong and loving.

With each book, I felt like I was intrigued more by Trey. And can only come when he’s being fucked in the ass. Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx olivai at age six and fell instantly in love with live music. I just felt like that whole sitation wasn’t given the attention and care it deserved: You know what time it is.

After feeling burned and tiur by the men he’s dated in the past, he’s decided to swear off men. I get that it is all new for her, heck, I would be so freaking excited too, if I were her. In fact, let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks bisexual people are “cheaters” or “individuals who can’t be satisfied with only one partner.

No matter the time no matter the place. He pinned her with the look that got him almost anything he wanted. And if you have not read this series I totally recommend it! Reagan klivia and the two of them hit it off right from the get go. View all 17 comments.


Read Double Time online free by Olivia Cunning | Novelscom

One to be explored and appreciated. You just HAD to call him “bisexual? The definition is pretty straight forward but if she still could not comprehend it, Google was always at her disposal, and the world is full of us, she could have asked a bisexual person what being bisexual is, for God’s sake. In some ways I feel like the entire series was leading up to Trey’s Story, not just because it is technically the end of the series not including the highly anticipated anthology Sinners at the Altar but because Trey has been a major feature player in all of the books: The “falling in love” moment between Trey and Ethan was even less believable.

Actually he was denying himself and I really felt his pain behind that decision.