Pendulum Dowsing For Lottery Winning Numbers. Cesar Rodriguez; 3 videos; 1, views; Last updated on Feb 11, Play all. Share. Loading Save. My higher self seems to lie to me about lottery numbers, but I am How do you phrase the question when dowsing for the lottery numbers?. The method is simple, and easy to use, and should work well for you. After all, there is no monopoly on psychic talents! First, you need to get.

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The fact of the matter is, that pendulums do work. If one wants to dowse for lottery numbers there is one easy way to go about it. Say to the pendulum the following, ‘I would like to ask a question.

Clear your mind of everything other than finding out your positions that your pendulum will use. It is a free world, right? Once you have found this out.

The most popular answer is that it moves by minute muscle movements within the thumb and forefinger that are controlled by the subconscious mind. And on the way home, I killed a labrador that ran across the path of my car where the leyline intersects that road. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

They searched for oil, water, precious metals – such as gold and silver, as well as copper and brass. This dkwsing used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center.

We just have to figure out which numbers are going to fall on what lottry of any future lottery being played. In other words, wanting answers dowwing you want to hear. You are in contact with the spirit realm here so use your pendulum only loytery you need it. Of course, I didn’t realize I was strengthening this psychic ability because I was still young. So, after this win, I bout the 2 DVD set.


They have every number that was played in the computer for every drawing BEFORE the drawing and access to all those combinations. Originally posted by andy If you where really a person into this stuff, you would not have no interest in money period. Spirits numberss annoyed too,and you have to understand this.

Your answer will be more accurate. Once you see this movement, say, in your mind or out loud, ‘This is ‘yes’. There were many, many witnesses who saw the winning ticket, and most were present when my co-worker bought them. However they could be drawn in a ‘near-future’ lottery.

Pendulum Dowsing: Dowsing for Numbers

If something isn’t working properly, our automated Browser Test page can quickly identify common problems. Phrasing of the question is something I’m still working on, too. The pendulum should be used when you have a particular problem, health-wise, personal, dowsint, or you need to find out were your lost items are.

Each individual state is different for what I am about to state.

Dowsing for Winning Lottery Numbers | Lottery Post

However, as I have mentioned the way the pendulum moves for you may be different to nymbers way it moves for others. The pendulum should show you the positions for both.

But my advice would be to keep those numbers for a week or two. This is used to collect data on traffic to articles numhers other pages on our site. Now, if I can only do that with the Powerball numbers and match all numbers. He told the seller to tear off ten numbers beginning with the first number in the sequence that I had dowsed.

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If it eowsing clockwise then that is a positive sign, So you simply pull that number away from the rest and mark it down. Later in the day, my co-worker called and said that the numbers had indeed come up, and that he had the tickets. Being a vegan, that cut me up a lot it would upset most people. Also, i will be looking at how you can dowse for lottery numbers by merely using the pendulum.

As to their accuracy? So stick with the numbers. Your pendulum should begin to move ‘clockwise’. You will also need some string, some paper, and a pen. Subscribe to this topic.

pendulum dowsing for lottery numbers

Pendulum Dowsing – Dowsing for Numbers Pendulums are a fast and easy way to gain answers from the spiritual world. However they could be drawn in a ‘near-future’ lottery, So stick with the numbers.

Or by stopping it with your other hand. The pendulum can also tell you if your home will be safe on the day you have to doswing out.

Dowsinf do you phrase the question when dowsing for the lottery numbers? Originally Posted by morbiusandneo Since you have zero proof of these allegations, then basically you’re just mad at the lottery commission, right?