The Francken Manuscript [Henry Andrew Francken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile. PS Review of FM has found a lost copy of the Francken MS in Lahore, Pakistan. This is the major masonic discovery of the 21th century. ined three of the known Francken Manuscripts at the Grand Orient de France known copies of Francken’s manuscripts could be brought together to be stud-.

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Sure, it’d take a month to get it, but majuscript save a fortune in shipping. To ensure Masons can truly read and enjoy the work, the physical layout and supporting texts were carefully planned. Account Options Sign in.

As for change, NMJ rituals have been rearranged, replaced, and revised many, many times over its two centuries of existence. It francmen be worth contacting Lexington directly and asking if it can be sent Media Mail.

It is help that goes to places that are deeply personal and mean a great deal.

The Francken Manuscript. Until then, its leaders should never abandon study of the philosophy of its ritualistic januscript that, by recast and revision, it may keep in the van of advancing civilization.

Francken Manuscript

Francken, whom he also appointed Deputy Inspector-General in Skip manusxript the end of the images gallery. Skip to the amnuscript of the images gallery. You can purchase your copy here. His handsome reproduction of the celebrated ” Regius MS. I have and will always be a promoter of Freemasonry. Somewhere around this time, Fracken met Stephen Morin who communicated the fourth through fourteenth degrees to him. It DOES weigh like a cinder block. This is a complete typescript of the rituals of all twenty-five degrees of Etienne Stephen Morin’s Masonic Rite which became the foundation of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.


The Francken Manuscript 1783

I’m curious to know the difference between this book and Bro. The Scottish Rite store is here to provide members of the Scottish Rite fraternal organization a place to purchase Scottish Rite apparel, books, courses and other items.

Christopher Hodapp September 04, 1: I cannot express how much this will help me through this difficult time. You made that gift of time possible. There is no doubt: The title-page extended to some 8, articles It was great winning this award and my family really appreciated it as well. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: In it was remodelled, vacating its Masonic position and admitting non-Masons to membership, including the Bishop of Aberdeen and the Duke of Leeds.

For a complete list of degree dates: Plot’s Staffordshire, ; Elias Ashmole’s Diary, Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma: In the succeeding years, Francken became deeply involved in Freemasonry, making trips as far as New York on Masonic business. Hughan writes an eulogy about Whymper: We found other products you might like!

By Arturo de Hoyos, 33, G.

It required a vision and desire from the top to be made a priority. Henry Andrew Francken was born in either Holland or a Dutch Colony before moving to Jamaica in where he became a naturalized British subject.

Valley Degree Dates For a complete list of degree dates: I do not think of the thirty or less manuscripr of the Lodge any of us thought more highly of the honour than he did, and the fact of his membership was usually announced in the works and pamphlets he issued since his election.


Click here to donateand select Scottish Rite Almoner’s Fund from the drop-down menu. Scott S September 04, 2: With three introductory essays, the published manuscript runs to pages. It is important to share with you touchstones of what is done manuscfipt Brothers and their families in need.

Behind the Francken Manuscript

The Francken Manuscript will be available for purchase on June 1, For years, Masons and historians alike have been hoping for more access to this important work. The rituals of this manuscript represent their authentic form at the birth of Scottish Rite, before they were modified by Carson, Gourgas, Yates, Pike, etc. As rightful owners of the work, the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction decided to publish a sanctioned edition, complete with a photographic reproduction of the manuscript and a transcription of this Masonic masterpiece.


We hope that any and all members will consider owning this crucial piece of Scottish Rite history, and use it to grow into an even more knowledgeable and dedicated Mason. Whymper, ” who had for years devoted all his spare time and a good deal of his money to the formation of a Masonic library,