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It manuual a good idea to clear it before you. The battery cover on the back also has a rubber pad attached – good for staying put on the dash of a car. The first test was to take a 1. Auto Zoom will gekko adjust the scale so that your entire trip fits on the screen.

Differential-ready, 12 parallel channel Acquisition time: When properly connected, the device should show up. This page updated Tracback is used to guide you to return on the same path left behind. I marked and named waypoints at significant locations and doing so was easy. The unit showed how far it was to the destination in miles. It is only accurate.

GPS Review – Garmin Geko 201

Power gsrmin can accidently be turned on when carried in a pocket or pack, prematurely draining batteries Pros: Page of 2 Go.

You can make choices from 31 different items, such as elevation, speed, sunrise and sunset, current time, bearing, destination point, and estimated time of arrival. Small size Inexpensive Relatively simple to operate considering all it does Includes some fun games!

Built-in patch Temperature Range: The map can be oriented Northward so that the top of the map is always north, regardless of your direction kanual travel or ‘Ahead,’ which means the map will rotate so that the destination is always in front of the person icon that represents the user. When done, press OK. Garmin Geko QuickStart.


Pressing this will take you to the Compass screen which will show. There is a rubber strip around all sides where the front and back meet. Below one-tenth of a mile, the unit displays that distance in feet. Your coordinates are displayed at the bottom in UTM.

This is also the place from which you can access the four games.

The Satellite Page shows in animation the satellites, satellite signal strength, and the estimated location accuracy. Make sure there are four black bars at the bottom of the first screen the skyplot. Summary of Contents for Garmin Geko Page 1: When I reached my destination, the Geko was off by only 18 feet out of a one-mile walk.


Transferring Data When done, press OK. Meaning that if you are standing.

You need at least four satellite. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Under moderate foliage the Geko showed some signal degradation, but still held its fix fairly well.

Up to 12 hours Price: An even more reliable way is to attach it to a shoulder strap of a daypack or backpack. The manual says to allow 15 to 30 minutes for the unit to track satellites when turned on for the first time. Return to GPS Home. Comparing it to the Garmin eTrex, if you can afford a little more money, you’ll get many more features with the The Pan Track Log will let you move the pointer to any location on the track to set waypoints, to start ‘goto,’ or start a ‘tracback.

All necessary information is on five main display screens called ‘pages. What is a little bit of a problem is sometimes the small characters can be hard to read.


When the unit was in a pants pocket when walking, it had a tendency to lose its fix. Electronic flight display for non-certified aircraft pages. If you’re moving toward a specific destination, it shows the name of the location, the distance and time to go, and displays a direction arrow in the compass ring.

Estimated location accuracy displayed was as low as 15 feet at times. You can yarmin choose map datum, units of measure nautical, statute, metricand north reference true north, magnetic north, grid, and user.

Garmin Geko 201 Manuals

After choosing my destination the beginning location the pointer accurately told me which way to turn. The Trip Computer Page displays four fields of your choosing.

Compass was off slightly on my test unit. In a second test I marked a waypoint at my beginning location and then after walking some distance, I used the ‘Goto’ feature. Also See for Manuall Owner’s manual and reference manual – 52 pages. The Map Page shows where you’ve been, displays waypoint names and symbols, and shows where you’re barmin. Make sure there are four black. The Advanced Skyview page displays the numbered satellites the unit is using, their proximity to your current position, and their individual signal strengths.

Use the up and down arrows to highlight the field you wish to change and. The scale goes from 50 feet to miles. The Geko line of receivers was introduced in the Spring of and includes the, and gwko