HP Color LaserJet CP Series Printer The only warranties for HP products and .. Manually configure IPv4 TCP/IP parameters from the control panel. View and Download HP CPdn – Color LaserJet Laser Printer service manual online. Color LaserJet CP Series Printer. CPdn – Color LaserJet. HP Color LaserJet cyan print cartridge CEA CE . NOTE: In this manual, the abbreviation “PCA” stands for “printed circuit-board assembly.”.

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Table Of Contents Jam detection The unique IP address n. Xp3525dn – Compression spring – Provides pressure to the door lock. Table of contents 1 Product basics Product comparison Figure Supply item locations Toner collection unit Print cartridges Fuser Supply replacement guidelines To facilitate the replacement of supplies, keep the following guidelines in mind when setting up the product. The screw illustrations in the following table ar e for reference only.

Right-front cover Before proceeding, remove the following components: Reinstallation tip When you reinstall the sensor, make sure that the tab callout 5 on the sensor body completely engages the slot in the product chassis. Developing-disengagement motor Before proceeding, remove the following components: Special paper cp3525cn print media guidelines This product supports printing on special media.

The paper feeder picks up the print media and feeds it to the printer.

Change jam recovery This product provides a jam recovery feature that reprints jammed pages. Figure Test the duplex re-pickup cp525dn Check the control-panel display for sensor response.


Disconnect one connector callout 7remove two screws callout 8and then carefully lift the assembly callout 9 off of the product to remove it. Remove the duplex-drive assembly Disconnect two connectors callout 1and then remove three screws callout 2.

HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Series Printer – Control panel

Specify the size of each packet, in bytes, to be sent to the remote host. Press the Menu button This test helps to identify data path and corruption problems on an HP postscript level dp3525dn emulation product. Near the bottom of the right side, squeeze the two white levers upward to release the jam-access door.

The negative charge neutralizes in those areas, which are then ready to accept toner. Use the menus Enter and exit the menus by pressing the Menu button. Paper Output Unit – Paper delivery assembly duplex models.

HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Printer User Guides

Clean the product Over time, particles of toner and paper accumulate inside the product. Be careful when handling the ITB so that it is not damaged. When the assembly is placed on the chassis, the pin on the swing gear and on the bracket callout 6must align with the holes in the chassis callout 7.

Maanual Override options allow the product to continue using a supply item that has reached its estimated end of life. This can improve print speed.

Locate the Tray 3 pickup and feed rollers. Shows the number of packets 0 – received from the remote host since the most recent test was initiated or completed. Figure Yellow comparison page Green Yellow Yellow cannot be easily seen unless combined with cyan, so half of each page is yellow and the other half is an amplified version of yellow problems green half. Figure Fusing fixing assembly 1 of 2. If the gears, arm, or spring become dislodged, Reinstall the cassette-pickup drive assembly on page The lights indicate overall product status.


Each sensor is represented by a letter and number on the control panel display. Menu hierarchy The following top-level menus are available:. It might be easier to release the Tray 1 pickup-roller solenoid plate, and then manually rotate the roller into the correct position to remove the roller.

Figure Remove the main-drive assembly 3 of 7 Disconnect seven connectors callout 5and then release the wire harnesses from the guides. The toner-collection unit is designed for a single use.

HP Color LaserJet CP Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Use the control panel to access features not supported by the printer driver or software application, and to configure trays for paper size and type. Changing the Secure Disk Erase mode does not overwrite previous data on cp3525fn disk, nor does it immediately perform a full-disk sanitization. If the gear becomes maunal, see Reinstall the fuser-drive assembly on page Change Print Cartridges Change print cartridges When a print cartridge approaches the end of its estimated useful life, the control panel displays a message recommending that you order a replacement.

Drive Assembly – Fixing drive assembly with motor M2 – duplex capability.