IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI is a Psychedelic/Space Rock / Progressive Rock artist from Yugoslavia. This page includes IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI’s: biography. Igra Staklenih Perli is a music studio album recording by IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI (Psychedelic/Space Rock/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl. Igra Staklenih Perli interview with Drasko ‘Drak’ Nikodijevic. Interview: Thank you for taking your time for this interview! Firstly I would like to ask you about you.

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A place where musicians can express themselves. Igra Staklenih Perli Serbian Cyrillic: Yes, the band is getting back together. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. If you don’t think that you’ve done anything sttaklenih warrant a ban, this is most likely the case. Its a true psychedelic albums I am very pleased with the new drummer, Sinister Borg, a young, very energetic kid, great to work with.

This is definitely something each psychedelic fan must hear, and the band allowed that by putting it online for a free download! We turned down invitations for festivals; we preferred to create our own atmosphere in smaller clubs and theaters.

It picks up after 3 minutes. I am very excited about our new professional management that will take care of the business end, so we do not have to worry about that and focus on the audio and visual end of the work. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The new version sounds fresh and is more convincing that the original. Results cached 12h Items ordered by igrz time Showing all 16 items.


We did not have the resources to link the Zagreb gig with other cities in Croatia, for instance, so we just went straight home. Progressive rockpsychedelic rockspace rockkrautrock. You or someone with the same IP address as you might be using a script kgra program to download pages from this site automatically. Having digitally improved sound and informative booklet “Igra svetlosti” is a precious testimony of the almost forgotten underground scene in former SFR Yugoslavia.

The guitar lights things up before 3 minutes. And then two songs got simply lost – the reason why the album is only 28 minutes long. We were a great band live, but we did not quite know ogra to make good studio recordings, and the two of them did not help much.

Anyway, the reliance on just one source of inspiration makes the band less diverse and experimental then on the early-Floyd meets Gong blend of the debut. Thank you for taking peli time for this interview! They pioneered the use of lasers, light-show tsaklenih special visual effects during their live performances and had a considerable cult following, mostly in the Belgrade underground scene of the late s.

Having played numerous free concerts at Belgrade ‘s SKC and Belgrade’s Block 45, the band established a cult status and was offered to record an album. I did not play on that album. Exclusive interviews, reviews and articles. Studio Album, 3. Perlj thing that makes this album so unique is the fact that it was done by Serbian band that can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with many worldwide psychedelic space rock artists.


I do not have all the details yet. After almost 30 years I eprli managed to get proper release of this wonderful disc,courtesy of Mr.


Exclusive interviews, reviews and articles. Retrieved from ” https: We did not have a manager, so we managed our own affairs.

Hopefully with the digitally remastering the sound quality is enhanced. Would you like perhaps send a message to your fans?

What are you doing these days?

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI Igra Svetlosti reviews

Shole is a cool guy, it was great hanging with him, but as a musician, I do not think he ever grasped what was going on. We serve an international readership. Your computer may be infected with malware or spyware that is making automated requests to our server and causing problems.

A place where musicians can express themselves. How did you guys got together? Our concerts were always exciting, the crowds, the drugsā€¦ On several performances, the front door glass broke under the pressure of the crowd wanting to come. Drasko Drak Nikodijevic as bass and keyboard player and lead vocal, Predrag Wolff Wukovic percussions and vocals, Ivan Stankovic as guitar player, Spomenka Milic as keyboardist and vocalist and Vlada Funtek on drums.

Organ, bass and a beat to start as psychedelic guitar joins in.