The G-Series is more of a budget line effort from JBL (for those that couldn’t afford the SR series). I had, at one time, The G subs (loaded. No Cracks, very clean. Ready to use $ or Best Offer for the pair. Can be delivered in a 50 miles of Huntington Beach. Brand New Genuine JBL MR, g, G Corner. These are the 90° corners. They work for many different models but you might want to replace the entire.

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One inch titanium but not v732 buttery smooth response of the stuff in the SR series. Your right though some people concentrate on getting big amps that have lots of g73 and then crank them up and overpower there speakers an blow them I go by the “Any amplifier can blow and speakers.

I haven’t opened them up to see if the drivers are originals. We used to replace blown Es with Gauss ‘s then View the Media Kit.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Thanks for the help guys Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead! I took the Road less traveled You must log in or sign up to reply here. I believe the cabinets were plywood.


Thanks jl the informative replies fellows-I appreciate the advice. I ended up putting different HF drivers and possibly horn flairs in the boxes I reworked. They actually sound pretty good down low too JBL G speakers, any good?

Right now I am just going to use them for practice, so I think for that they should be fine.

No, create an account now. I think what Andy and I have in common with this subject is where folks will hook like a w amp up to speakers and have no qualms about cranking the volume right up We got on the subject of him needing to make some space and get rid of some old heavy pioneer and sansui speakers. I kind of figured they were from JBL’s lower end line, but I wasn’t sure how old they were.

I’m leaning more towards PA sound these days though.

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Help FAQs Go to top. I think I will probably just get g7332 drivers if the speakers need a recone. It’s a decent trade off considering what they’ll do in a home theater system. Now build some 5. Anyway, if they are sound Take the grill off and spidersplat your pfingers around the dust cap, on the cone itself. They worked out quite well.

I tried them out today, but just with a standard stereo receiver. Originally posted by Audiopile No I was just wondering if anyone in here could comment on their sound. They turned out to be a pretty clean set of gray G’s. Really, only 30 watts for those monster of a speakers? I would be very surprised if the woofers are originals Similar Threads Group Delayed Speakers, anyone? Hence the “G” prefix. May you be in Heaven Half an Hour If you don’t like them, you can sell the parts.


Join the HC Newsletter. There are a lot of options out there. This message comes from JBL Dog. Your name or email address: They sounded “ok” for what they were from what I remember. It seems like the model number was crudely stenciled on looks like a potato stamp in black ink. The horns should be crossed faily high 3Khz or higher, since they are not s or ‘s.

2 JBL G732 Speakers

They sounded pretty good, I didn’t get a chance to crank them much nor did I want to since the receiver was underpowered. Fred SanfordOct 14, Greetings from Houston folks. Not quite sure what I would use to power these. Anymore than that Dude