The hardware version is located beside or beneath the model number and is labeled version, ver. or V. If there is no version number beside the model number . WAP54G. Standards. IEEE g, IEEE b, IEEE , IEEE u. Ports/Buttons. One 10/ Setup CD with User Guide. •. Ethernet Network Cable. Cisco’s Linksys WAP54G is a network device that adds wireless capability to your business network, offering reliable wireless encryption and powerful access to.

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In most cases, these Figure wireless settings do not need to be changed. Refer to Chapter 7: Change your SSID to something unique and not something related to your company or the networking products you use. Add Member Page 40 – Figure Troubleshooting Page 20 Page 21 – Appendix B: Add Member Figure Planning Your Wireless Network Linksys wireless adapters also provide users access to a wired network when using an access point, such as the Wireless-G Access Point, or wireless router.

Wireless Bridge Diagram Wireless Bridge. Subscriber Information Figure Before using the roaming function, the workstation must make sure that it is the same channel number as the Access Point of the dedicated coverage area. The Congratulations Screen Figure Basic Settings Screen 9. Wireless Security Linksys wants to make wireless networking as safe and easy for you as possible.

Access Point wirelessly, the wireless computer will require you to use the Linksys default 1. This chapter explains how to connect the Access Point for setup.

An access point allows for greater range and mobility within your wireless network while also allowing you to connect the wireless network to a wired environment. Make note of this address as you will use it later. Power on the Access Point Screen 6. Getting to Know the Wireless Contact Information This appendix provides contact information for a variety of Linksys resources, including Technical Support. Wireless-G Access Point 4.

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How to Set Up a Linksys WAP54G |

Click the Start button, select Settings, and open the Control Panel. If this is the only access point on your network, it will be the only one displayed. The Advanced Wireless Screen Wireless-G Access Point Advanced Wireless Before wap5g any changes to the Wireless tab, please check your wireless settings on other systems, as these changes will alter the effectiveness of the Access Point.

WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy – A method of encrypting network data transmitted on a wireless network for greater security. Type in a passphrase for your type of encryption. If you can’t find an answer here, check the Linksys website at www.

After installation, configure wireless security settings to protect your network from unauthorized intrusion. Page of 84 Go. Page 54 – Figure The best place for the Access Point is usually at the center of your wireless network, with line of sight to all of your mobile stations. Locate an optimum location for the Access Point.

Download the firmware upgrade file from the Linksys website, www. Enter the Password Page 18 – Figure You will need to enter this passphrase into your wireless kinksys network connection settings pages to access the wireless network, so remember this passphrase. When the congratulations screen appears you will be successfully registered for Linksys Wireless Guard. Cisco’s Linksys WAP54G is a network device that adds wireless capability to your business network, offering reliable wireless encryption and powerful access to all wireless devices.

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Setup, Status, Advanced, and Help.

How to Set Up a Linksys WAP54G

Don’t have an account? Type “admin” — without quotation marks — in the password field. You will need to manually unprotect your network connection so you can log in. Connect the Power Figure Changing the sign-on password for the Access Point is as easy as typing the password into the AP Password field.

Page 69 This includes hackers. Windows Help All wireless products require Microsoft Windows. To view these permanent logs, you must use Logviewer software, which can be downloaded free of charge from www. Wpa Pre-shared Key Settings Point and the server. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.


This specifies the maximum size a manul packet will be before splitting and creating a fragmentation: SSID – Enter the name of your wireless network. Wireless Guard Password Screen Figure Refer to Client Software Installation at the Figure Credentials Information Click Back to return to the previous screen. Allows the SSID to be broadcast on your network. Page 17 – Figure The current generation of Linksys products provide several network security features, but they require specific action on your part for implementation.

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