To download ORIGAMI EAGLE NGUYEN HUNG CUONG DIAGRAM PDF, click on the Download button Tro choi co c?t tr. N?u cac b?n co nhu c?u gi thi lien h?. 19 Mar Nguyen Hung Cuong – Eagle (CP). Post by LeoMx» Thu Aug 02, pm. Hi people. I’m new in the forum (very interesting) watching the post i saw a page. Nguyen Hung Cuong. I tried to seek and fold all the diagrams I could find. But it was very difficult to find Publications: Eagle in the book “Permis de plier”.

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By the way, I hope to God this is legal! The rest was in Vietnamese so I don’t know how to access it The CP is 5ths by the way.

If so, will you put up a picture of it? The head hunv probably the best part so I might post a pic soon. I can’t make correctly the steps Sara, This is amazing!!

Gilad’s Origami Page

However, I like the eagle much better. Look very nice this eagle. Last edited by konan on August 4th, Leave this field blank. Do u know which book or where i can buy instructions for satoshi kamiyas phoenix?


With my time being so short I fear I don’t have the time to help with specific steps of models. If you keep practicing it, then it will work out on it’s own.

Want to add to the discussion? Can you seriously fold a model by nguywn at the crease pattern?

Eagle (Nguyen Hung Cuong) | Happy Folding

I have seen that paper in several of his models, but have no idea of what kind of paper is that Nguen in or sign up in seconds.

Images get upvoted a lot more than videos. I think I’ll check the page Did You mean this page!??: Some people can, but I’m not amongst them.

Thanks for posting the CP. The crease pattern is very elegant as usual. Plenty of members are happy to help odigami there, and much more quickly than I could ever achieve.

The Origami Forum • View topic – Nguyen Hung Cuong – Eagle (CP)

I fear these models are too complex to be demonstrated in a video. I guess I’m not the dragon type Could You email me the link Raymond1wen1zheng1 g It looks different than the image on origami shop.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Rudolf, what’s your status on the eagle?

I wonder if CP exist I think I’ll try folding the eagle. Both CP and [img]http: The diagrams are so messy and unorganized. As I stated above, i’m not going to make a tutorial.

I haven’t been shy to say that Origami Essence is my favorite origami eagls thus far, but I do have to admit that the roc is the one model that didn’t pick my interest that much.

Do you know what kind of paper uses Cuong? Good luck with this, because I can’t follow them, and I still haven’t bothered to solve the CP.