Map of Water Bus Line 2 in Venice Vaporetto | The various lines that serve Venice and the lagoon can be divided into three separate groups. CentroCittà: Lines 1, 2, and N. City Center & Grand Canal — Night. ACTV, Venice’s public-transit agency, has published a number of useful documents A “Map of waterborne routes,” which shows vaporetto and other waterbus.

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Kindly suggest me regarding the city trip.

Water Bus Venice Vaporetto Map of Line ACTV

We will be staying on the Lido. As well as purchasing the Travelcards above there is scope to vaporetot tickets to museums, parking etc. Hotel directions with maps.

A vaporetto is another name for a water taxi or water bus in Venice, operated by ACTV, the public transport authority for Venice. About Venice for Visitors.

To save you the hassle of trying to find the maps and timebables on ACTV’s confusing Web site, we’ve provided links to the relevant pages: The convenient water bus transport between Venice and Venice Airport are dealt with on our dedicated Venice airport transfers page. We are out flying from Treviso Airport. Nevertheless you can enjoy a water transfer across the lagoon to near to your hotel.

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Venice Vaporetto and Bus Fares. The blue line is twice hourly, red once. The handiest way to make sure you never miss the boat. Note that each dock is now associated with a letter A, B, C, D, etc. Enjoy your stay in Venice. ATVO, a regional bus company, has comfortable coaches with room for your luggage beneath the passenger compartment. The diagrams below the list illustrate the groupings of stops and the direction according to destination. Get the Vap Map.

Top 11 Free Sights. A schedule with specific times, stops, and direction is located at the entrance of each landing. From here you either walk or take a boat of some kind.

These are the largest boats see image above and even in winter there are five boats an hour most of the day. This timetable changes twice a year–usually in April and November–so exact routes and times may be slightly different at the time of your visit if you’re planning ahead.

Vaporetti or water buses are far less expensive than water taxis, although the latter may be convenient if your hotel is on a side canal and you can split the fare with other members of a group.

Most ACTV boats are now wheelchair-accessible. Click here for details. How is the vaporetta price determined when you make a connection between two routes without going ashore?

Water Bus Venice Vaporetto Map of Line 2 ACTV

Use this in combination with the map above. See “Water Bus Service” link below.


The drive takes approx. Pay attention so you’ll board the right waterbus! Nearly all first-time visitors want to travel the Grand Canal. V enice’s waterbus routes change from time to time. Further information about public transport on water and land in and near Venice is on the websites of actv.

This page is in Italian, but the maps and diagrams don’t require translation. For those arriving by cruise ship the Piazzale Vapogetto is also where the shuttle will deposit you.

Photos, maps, news, travel tools, tips and topics. The ride takes approx.

Vaporetto Map: Routes, Lines, and Stops

Venice Local Vapogetto Index. So you could get either 1 or 2. See our Vaporetto Water Buses article for more information on boat types. Shared water taxis need to be arranged in advance. Routes change occasionally so check the map at the stop before you get on.

A CTVVenice’s public-transit agency, has published a number of useful documents that you can view on your computer, tablet, vapretto smartphone or print before leaving for Venice. Finding your way back to your hotel is easy. Venice water bus route map.